Material Issue 5 Improve work engagement and environment for people working in Group businesses

Consideration for Employee Health and Occupational Safety and Health

When employees are healthy both mentally and physically, it not only makes their own lives more fulfilling but also is a source of vitality for the Company, and makes management more efficient. Based on this understanding, Seven & i Holdings launched Seven & i Health Declaration 2018 in FY 2014 in partnership with Seven & i Holdings Health Insurance Union. With the aim of furthering this initiative and promoting the sustained growth of the Group and health of local communities, Seven & i Health Declaration NEXT was formulated in October 2019 with three goals.


Three Goals of the Seven & i Health Declaration NEXT

  • We will understand our own health issues, and take actions toward improvement.
  • We will realize working conditions where all employees can work with vitality.
  • We will continue to be a company that supports the everyday health of our customers through “health conscious” products and services.

Message from the President

Seven & i Holdings thinks that promoting the health of employees will bring vitality to the entire Company, and in addition, contribute toward improving society’s quality of life (QOL). We support each employee’s proactive initiative to promote health. Therefore, in October 2014, we started the Seven & i Health Declaration 2018 that sought to improve employee health and QOL, and enhance our corporate vitality. Through conducting a variety of initiatives related to health, we have reaped certain results.

In view of this, we formulated the Seven & i Health Declaration NEXT which states three new goals that seeks to further strengthen our initiatives, and are starting on those initiatives.

This declaration sets themes related to individual employees, the Company, and society respectively, and aims to improve results through specific measures.

Promoting the health of employees will be the foundation for improving individual QOL, widen opportunities for further participation by each person at work, and become the source of our Group’s sustainable growth.

In addition, based on the basic principle of providing safe and reliable products, we will work to support the health of the customers who use our Group’s stores and products on a regular basis, and also contribute toward promoting the health of local communities through measures such as product development that works on reducing additives while being particular about taste and quality; being thorough in the labelling of food ingredients which is of high concern to customers; development and provision of products supporting health; and support for healthy dietary habits and dietary education.

Going forward, Seven & i Holdings will deepen our initiatives contributing to the healthy growth and development of people’s lives and society from the viewpoint of being close to daily lives, and aim to be a Company that is trusted and needed by employees and society.

October 2019

Ryuichi Isaka

President and Representative Director

The specific targets advocated in the Seven & i Health Declaration NEXT include reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases, reducing the smoking rate, improving the percentage of annual paid leave taken, and reducing long working hours. The promotion of health and productivity management was incorporated into the Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee under the CSR Management Committee chaired by the President and Representative Director of Seven & i Holdings, and various initiatives are being implemented centering on the Seven & i Holdings Personnel Planning Department, Health Management Center and Health Insurance Union in collaboration with human resources and labor relations supervisors at each Group company.

Main Initiatives in FY2021

■Initiatives for maintaining health, preventing illness, and improving health

・Holding of regular walking events jointly with the Health Insurance Union

・Regular holding of online health seminars with outside experts as instructors

■Initiatives to prevent infectious diseases

・Reduction of infection risk through utilization of working from home, staggered work, etc.

・Distribution to employees of masks needed for work and commuting

■Initiatives to build pleasant workplaces conducive to both mental and physical health

・Prevention of mental illnesses through the implementation of mental health training (departmental care, self-care)

・Introduction of in-house chat service and improvement of system to encourage communication regardless of workplace (at home, head office, or other site)

■Initiatives to reduce smoking rate

・Implementation of complete ban on smoking during working hours

・Introduction of system of subsidies paid by the Health Insurance Union to employees who have succeeded in giving up smoking

■Initiatives to support a healthy society—Contributing to SDGs

・Development and lineup of products taking customers’ concern for salt, sugars (available carbohydrates), etc. into consideration

・Considerations for health and evolution to tastier and higher quality products

・Display of carbohydrates divided into dietary fiber and sugars, which are items of substantial interest to customers

・Proposal of menus on the theme of good health at stores; recipe development; calculation of nutritional value

Seven & i Health Declaration NEXT

Targets Specific Targets to Be Achieved by March 31, 2023

1. Control to achieve appropriate bodyweight

Ratio of People with a BMI over 25*1
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 March 31, 2023 Target
Male 35.5% 37.6% 38.5% 39.6% 39.0% 28% or less
Female 25.6% 26.8%




18% or less

2. Reduce smoking rate Overall Employee Smoking Rate*1




FY2021 March 31, 2023 Target















20% or less

3. Improve the percentage of annual paid leave taken

At least 70% for percentage of annual paid leave taken
4. Reduce long working hours Less than 5% for percentage of employees with long working hours (45 hours or more of overtime work in a month)

5. Increase the number of health support products developed by the Company

6. Increase the number of cooking support*2 with health as the theme

  • 1 BMI and smoking data are totals for 23 Group companies participating in the Seven & i Holdings Health Insurance Society
  • 2 Proposal of menu items at stores

Providing healthy, balanced meals to employees

Seven & i Food Systems operates employee cafeterias in 152 locations that provide health-conscious meals throughout Seven & i group stores and offices. For example, at Seven & i Holdings Headquarter office, in order to respond to the health needs of various employees, it offers five different types of the balanced menu daily, including a menu that takes nutrition and health into consideration. We also incorporate menu items that increase food diversity, such as featuring in production areas and seasonal ingredients.

The menu provided discloses the information of total calorie, protein, fat, and salt content; the portion size of the bowl of rice can also be adjusted. As for nutritional education, employees can access Seven & i Food Systems nutritionists' advice through monthly nutritional tips, how to consume healthy food at employee dining halls, and "health support day" is held once every month; providing more than 120 grams of vegetables per meal. There is also nudging to raise awareness of healthy eating habits (e.g., reduce the use of condiments such as soy sauce or dressings).


Examples of the menu: The meal set A : Total calorie 600 kcal or less, salt 3g or less

As measures to prevent COVID-19, employee cafeterias have set up sanitation and segmentation, secured social disincentives, and started take-out service.

Raising employees awareness of health and implementation of health checkup

Seven & i Holdings Health Insurance Union utilizes a portal website “MY HEALTH WEB” Health Management System to hold mental health training and health-themed events. In addition, it helps employees maintain and manage their health to raise awareness about health by offering low-calorie, low sodium menu items at the staff cafeteria, and by providing health-related information through internal Group newsletters and other media.

The MY HEALTH WEB Health Management System allows individuals to browse the past five years of their health checkup data on the Internet and serves as a tool for checking and goal-setting on the health status, and for receiving advice on how to improve health. It also has an environment that allows them to use through a smartphone app. Furthermore, Group companies have taken steps to implement appropriate health and productivity management based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act by ensuring that all employees receive regular health checks and follow up on the results, as well as making sure that stress checks are implemented for everyone.

Prevention of Workplace Accidents

Seven & i Holdings convenes safety and health committees at each Group company in accordance with laws and regulations and implements improvements to the workplace environment including working conditions, and also conducts measures to prevent workplace accidents. For example, Ito-Yokado conducts training on the handling of knives and other cooking devices for employees that work with fresh food products.

In addition, Seven & i Food Systems, post awareness-raising posters and other campaign materials at stores three times a year to bring attention to the prevention of workplace accidents. At stores where workplace accidents have occurred, interviews are conducted and the causes of the accident and specific prevention measures are shared with other stores.

Workplace Accident Data for Eight Group Companies for the Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2022

  Seven & i Holdings SEJ IY Sogo & Seibu YB Seven & i Food Systems Akachan Honpo Seven Bank
Workplace accident frequency(LTIFR) 0.00 1.09 1.41 0.32 3.59 1.44 1.46 0.00
Workplace accident severity 0.00 0.03 0.05 0.28 0.14 0.06 0.08 0.00
  • *
  • No workplace accidents resulted in deaths.

Workplace Accident Data for Eight Group Companies for the Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2021

Seven & i Holdings SEJ IY Sogo & Seibu YB Seven & i Food Systems Akachan Honpo Seven Bank
Workplace accident frequency(LTIFR) 0.00 0.72 1.53 0.24 3.40 0.65 0.86 0.00
Workplace accident severity 0.00 0.02 0.04 0.00 0.01 0.03 0.03 0.00
  • *
  • No workplace accidents resulted in deaths.

Workplace Accident Data for Eight Group Companies for the Fiscal Year Ended February 29, 2020

Seven & i Holdings SEJ IY Sogo & Seibu YB Seven & i Food Systems Akachan Honpo Seven Bank
Workplace accident frequency(LTIFR) 0.00 0.54 1.37 0.69 3.58 1.18 0.33 0.00
Workplace accident severity 0.00 0.01 0.03 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.00
  • *
  • No workplace accidents resulted in deaths.

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