Material Issue 4

Achieve a society in which diverse people can actively participate

Approach to the Material Issue

The Seven & i Group believes it is significant to realize a society in which diverse people with various backgrounds and values, including race, nationality, gender, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation, can participate actively.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding and supporting the next generation who will create the society of the future will lead not only to the development of society as a whole but also to the provision of products and services demanded by society. We continue to promote initiatives that enable the entire society, as well as our group, to respect various values and lifestyles.

Background to the Material Issue

Aging Population and Decline in Productive-Aged Population

In Japan, the birth rate is in decline, and the population is advancing in age, leading the productive-aged population to decline. By 2040, the productive-aged population is projected to decline by approximately 17.5 million as the senior population increases. Supporting the development of the next generation is important for realizing a better society.

Population Projections for Japan in 25-Year Periods

Supporting Active Participation of Women

With the productive-aged population in decline, it is essential to promote active participation by women. However, many women are denied the opportunity to work, for example, because it is not possible to balance work with childcare, or because they have been unable to return to work after childcare. Furthermore, in Japan, the ratio of women in management - at 12.4%* (2020) for those in positions equivalent to section manager and above - is relatively low by international standards. Creating a society where women can participate actively is therefore an important task.

  • *From "Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management in FY2020," Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Rate of Employment by Gender (2019)

Receptivity to Other Cultures

Compared to multiple countries, Japan's receptivity to cultures different from one's own is particularly low. To create a society in which diverse people can participate actively, we must respect other cultures as well.


Contribution to SDGs

By addressing this material issue, the Seven & i Group will support the active participation of diverse people, including gender equality, and contribute to achieving goals 5 and 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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