Material Issue 4

Supporting the Active Role of Women, Youth, and Seniors across the Group and in Society

Approach to Material Issues

The Seven & i Group has close to 140,000 employees working throughout the Group. Workplaces also include part-time employees, foreign nationals, and employees working short hours due to childcare and family care responsibilities. With this diverse workforce, we recognize that we have a duty as a corporation to support diverse working formats. We support the careers of our diverse employees and strive to create appealing workplaces that make work worthwhile. This enables us to steadily acquire diverse human resources, and also drives us to incorporate completely new ways of thinking and generate new value. It is therefore a source of competitiveness.

Background to Material Issue

Aging Population and Decline in Productive-Aged Population

In Japan, the birth rate is in decline, and the population is advancing in age, leading the productive-aged population to decline. By 2040, the productive-aged population is projected to decline by approximately 17.5 million as the senior population increases. For this reason, raising productivity by bolstering employee capacities as well as employing and developing diverse personnel will not only increase a company's competitiveness but also help vitalize Japan's economy and society

Population Projections for Japan in 25-Year Periods

Supporting Active Roles for Women

With the productive-aged population in decline, it is essential to promote active participation by women. However, many women are denied the opportunity to work, for example, because it is not possible to balance work with childcare, or because they have been unable to return to work after childcare. Furthermore, in Japan, the ratio of women in management - at 11.8%* (2018) for those in positions equivalent to section manager and above - is relatively low by international standards. Creating workplaces where women with high capabilities can play active roles is therefore an important task.

  • *From "Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management in FY2018," Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Rate of Employment by Gender (2019)

Promotional Framework for Material Issues

In response to this material issue, the CSR Management Committee and its subordinate Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee work together with the Group companies and related divisions to create environments that allow individual employees to perform their full potential, and promote the development of appealing, fulfilling workplaces. These activities are supervised by the Director & Managing Executive Officer Head of Corporate Development Division, Seven and i Holdings.

Contribution to SDGs

Though its engagement in this material issue, Seven & i Holdings provides pleasant working conditions for people inside and outside the company regardless of gender or age, thereby contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10.


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