Management Philosophy

In accordance with the spirit embodied in the Corporate Creed, we will remain a sincere company that earns the trust of our stakeholders.

1. Management Philosophy

The Company formulated its Corporate Creed as below in 1972. The Corporate Creed is unchanging and comprehensively symbolizes the Group's management philosophy; thus, the Company values it most as the fundamental basis of the Group's management.

Corporate Creed

We aim to be a sincere company that our customers trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our business partners, shareholders and local communities trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our employees trust.

2. Corporate Action Guidelines

Structure of the Corporate Creed and Corporate Action Guidelines Corporate Creed > Seven & i Holdings Corporate Action Guidelines > Group company guidelines and conduct rules

The spirit embodied in the Corporate Creed is our unchanging philosophy, which will remain undisturbed no matter how greatly the social environment changes in the future. The attitudes needed to realize this philosophy have been formulated as our Corporate Action Guidelines.
The Corporate Action Guidelines present the basic attitudes adopted by all of the Group's Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and employees and comprise the Basic Policy, which sets out the approach of the Group as a whole, and the Code of Corporate Conduct, which sets out rules for conduct. Furthermore, each Group company has established detailed guidelines and conduct rules appropriate for its business format at the concrete action level and, together with the Guidelines, will keep all new recruits and newly appointed managerial employees fully informed through their training. In addition, the extent of understanding of the Corporate Creed and compliance awareness is regularly checked in the Employee Engagement Survey.

3. View on Appropriate Cooperation with Stakeholders

The Company aims to be a sincere company in line with its Corporate Creed, earning the trust of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners and franchisees, shareholders and investors, local communities, and employees. Guided by our Group slogan of "Responding to Change while Strengthening Fundamentals," we view the constantly changing needs of society and our customers as opportunities to create new retail services, and work toward the creation of new retail services in response to changing times. Today, as various changes are accelerating, the Company recognizes the importance of constantly striving to accurately understand the expectations and interests that stakeholders have of the Group.
For this reason, the Company will strive to respond quickly to "feedback" from its stakeholders-their opinions, requests, and so forth-that it receives through its dialogue with them, and at the same time, the Company will continue to sincerely refl ect this "feedback" in its business activities and management decisionmaking process (stakeholder engagement).

Stakeholder Engagement

[Customers]We constantly think of things from the customer's point of view, and to earn our customers' trust, we value communication, and will continue to respond to their feedback. [Business Partners]We will rigorously observe laws and regulations and internal rules relating to fair trade as well as build relationships of trust with business partners to ensure maintenance of safety and security and accounting for human rights and the environment. We will work together with them to carry out our social responsibilities. [Shareholders and Investors]Our operations are underpinned by the investments of our shareholders and investors.To respond to their trust, we emphasize highly transparent management and communication and fulfi ll our duty of accountability through disclosure. [Employees]We aim to realize workplaces where employees can participate actively and fi nd satisfaction in their work. To this end, we will create working environments that are fair, just, and considerate of human rights. We will also create environments that protect privacy and safety, while helping workers to develop their capabilities and facilitate their work. [Franchisees]Relationships of trust with franchisees are the core of our convenience store operations, and these relationships should be mutually benefi cial. Through dialogue with Operations Field Counselors (OFCs), we build good relationships based on strong mutual trust and contribute to realizing comfortable and more prosperous lives for customers. [Local Communities]By providing products and services matching the lifestyles in local communities, encouraging local production and local consumption and coexisting with communities, we will promote activities that contribute to community development. [Global Environment]Our business is dependent on the blessings of the earth's environment. Therefore, we will provide products and services taking into account the sustainability of the environment, while cooperating with customers, business partners, and employees to reduce the environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain.