Seven & i Group Philosophy

The Company formulated its Corporate Creed as below in 1972. The Corporate Creed is unchanging and comprehensively symbolizes the Group's management philosophy; thus, the Company values it most as the fundamental basis of the Group's management.

Corporate Creed We aim to be a sincere company that our customers trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our business partners, shareholders and local communities trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our employees trust.

Management Philosophy

Group Profile

The Seven & i Group by the Numbers

The various numbers that give an outline of the Seven & i Group show not just the large scale of our operations but are also proof that we have grown while maintaining close connections with the lives of each and every one of our customers and employees around the world.

  • Group’s Total Sales

    17,842.6billion yen

    • * Figures include the sales of Seven-Eleven Japan,Seven-Eleven Okinawa, and 7-Eleven, Inc. franchisees. (FY2023)
  • Total Number of Employees (consolidated)


    • * Includes part-time employees (converted to the equivalent in full-time workers, assuming 163 average monthly working hours) (as of the end of February 2023)
  • Total Number of Customer
    Store-Visits per Day (Japan)

    Approx.22million people

    • * FY2023
  • Total Number of Customer
    Store-Visits per Day (Global)

    Approx.59.8million people

    • * Includes overseas area licensees (FY2023)
  • Number of stores (Japan)


    • * Number of stores as of the end of February 2023
  • Number of stores (Global)


    • * Number of stores as of the end of February 2023(the end of December 2022 for overseas)
  • Total Seven Premium items


    • * FY2023
  • Seven Premium Yearly Sales

    1,380billion yen

    • * FY2023

Main businesses of the
Seven & i Group

Photo of the interior of a domestic convenience store
Photo of the interior of a overseas convenience store

Corporate Profile PDF version[PDF: 2.2MB]

Group Priority Strategy & Initiatives

By utilizing the unique character of the Seven & i Group, with its diverse business categories and brands, we are strategically working toward further growth and depth, seeking to provide new value for all stages in our customers’ lives.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2021-2025

Photo of a collection of Seven Premium merchandise

Seven Premium

Seven Premium is an evolving brand that carefully tailors products to specific customer needs with the concept of better taste at more affordable prices.

What is Seven Premium?

Photo of Seven & i Group’s response to diversifying needs

Aiming to Respond to Diversifying Needs and to Provide a Comfortable Customer Experience

With diversifying work styles, a declining birthrate, and an aging population,customer values and purchasing behavior are also changing drastically.
We at the Seven & i Group are fusing new digital technologies with the business infrastructures that each of our companies has developed,
and with our three measures of “on-demand purchasing,” “planned purchasing,” and “face-to-face purchasing,” we are working to achieve last mile delivery.

Photo of 7-Eleven overseas

Bringing “Close and Convenient” to the Whole World:
Global Expansion Getting Faster and Faster

The Seven & i Group has expanded into countries and regions worldwide, centering on convenience stores.
By drawing on its global network and strong brand presence, the Group continues to offer new value and provide quality services to improve the lives of a wide range of customers,while responding to the rapid changes in society.
7-Eleven, Inc., which operates 7-Eleven stores in North America, plays a critical role in the Seven & i Group’s growth strategy. The company is focused on product innovation and digital transformation efforts to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

Toward a Sustainable Society

In order to connect with customers as an entity that works together with them on activities that lead to the resolution of social issues in their daily lives, and to become a hub for a sustainable society through daily shopping, each of the Seven & i Group companies is pursuing sustainability activities.

Photo of Creating a Sustainable Future, Together.

Why should we care about sustainability?
How can we secure a sustainable future?
We are in this together. The Seven & i Group is searching for answers with you.
Even if we can’t do it alone, we can make a difference if we work together.

“Creating a Sustainable Future Together” website