Corporate Action Guidelines

Corporate Creed

We aim to be a sincere company that our customers trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our business partners, shareholders and local communities trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our employees trust.

Seven & i Group Corporate Action Guidelines

Basic Policy

1. Provision of Safe and High-Quality Products and Services

We recognize the highly public nature of Seven & i Group as companies that conduct business impacting the lives of our customers. We will maintain high ethical standards and comply with laws and social norms to provide safe, high-quality, and superior products and services from the customer’s point of view.

2. Maintenance of Fair and Transparent Transactions

We respect free and fair competition. Therefore, we comply with relevant laws, such as related anti-trust laws and internal corporate rules, and maintain appropriate relationships with people involved in political bodies and government agencies. We conduct transactions based on appropriate conditions by following sound business practices. No transactions should be made for personal gain or benefit. Also, we do not associate with anyone seeking an economic benefit by making use of violence, force or fraudulent means, including antisocial forces.

3. Cooperation with Local and International Communities

To ensure our coexistence with local and international communities as a good corporate citizen, we build relationships based on trust with stakeholders. We will also contribute to the development of a sustainable society by enriching the local and international communities and establishing a prosperous living environment, through our business.

4. Respect for Human Rights

We comply with international standards on human rights, provide education to improve directors', officers' and employees' understanding and awareness, and prohibit discriminatory treatment. Also, we endeavor to offer equal employment opportunities. Further, we monitor the human rights activities of business partners to ensure that we establish a supply chain* that respects human rights at every level. We do not permit any child labor, forced labor, or disciplinary punishment.

  • *
  • Supply chain: A series of activities and parties involved in the procurement, production, distribution, and sale of products and services to customers.

5. Respect for Diversity and Improvement of Job Satisfaction

We foster skills and support career formation while respecting the diversity and personality of directors, officers, and employees. We operate without prejudice, based on fair and impartial standards with regard to personnel changes, promotions, evaluations, and treatment, to create a vibrant work environment that fosters a sense of job satisfaction.

6. Preservation of the Assets and Information of the Company

We appropriately manage tangible and intangible assets of the company in accordance with the internal corporate rules, and use them only for the purpose of the company's business. In addition, we record, preserve, and manage information appropriately. In order to prevent accidents such as information leaks, we follow internal corporate rules, including those on the handling of information equipment.

7. Contribution to a Sustainable Society

We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is an essential issue in conducting all aspects of our business. We give consideration to problems such as climate change, conservation of biodiversity, and the preservation of water resources. We promise to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We not only ensure compliance with environmental laws and the prevention of pollution but also work to reduce our environmental impact throughout the supply chain—from development of products and services, manufacturing, distribution, sales, provision of services to disposal of products.

8. Dialogue with Stakeholders

We value dialogue with stakeholders (i.e., interested parties) such as customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, and employees. We handle opinions received in good faith and remain fully accountable to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

9. Efforts Regarding Social Issues

We focus on the “Seven Material Issues” identified through dialogue with stakeholders to realize a sustainable society.

<Seven Material Issues>

Material issue 1. Create a livable society with local communities through various customer touchpoints
Material issue 2. Provide safe, reliable, and healthier merchandise and services
Material issue 3. Realize decarbonization, circular economy, and society in harmony with nature, through environmental efforts
Material issue 4. Achieve a society in which diverse people can actively participate
Material issue 5. Improve work engagement and environment for people working in Group businesses
Material issue 6. Create an ethical society through dialogue and collaboration with customers
Material issue 7. Achieve a sustainable society through partnerships

(Note: The material issues identified include issues which stem from a Japan-specific social agenda.)

Code of Corporate Conduct

1. Compliance (Legal Compliance)

  1. We place the highest priority on compliance with laws and social norms in our business activities and aim to have sound corporate governance within management.
  2. We do not provide illegal political donations, gifts, entertainment, or monetary benefits to domestic or foreign government officials, or other persons analogous thereto. We will maintain a sound and normal relationships with political bodies and government agencies.
  3. We do not associate with antisocial forces, organizations, groups, or persons that pose a threat to the social order or security of civil life. Instead, we resolutely confront their pressure and eliminate it.
  4. We do not misappropriate company products, facilities, equipment, or other tangible or intangible assets, including information, for our own gain.
  5. We do not attempt to obtain information by inappropriate means, including intellectual property, other corporate secrets, and know-how owned by a third party, or use them without permission.
  6. We comply with the tax laws of the countries and regions where our business operations are based, and make appropriate tax payments respecting the spirit of those laws. We also engage in proper accounting practices and financial reporting, ensuring transparency and credibility, and disclose management statistics and tax payment status in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

2. Relationships with Customers

  1. We always look from the customer’s point of view to provide enriching and superior products and services, and strive to take every safety measure and quality control to prevent accidents and problems.
  2. We strictly manage personal information collected from customers and take careful precautions to prevent accidents such as information leakage.
  3. We respect human rights and individual dignity. We strive to create sales floors and provide services that make our customers feel safe and secure.
  4. We strive to display information that is accurate, easy to understand, and truthful so that customers can make an appropriate selection of products and services.
  5. We sincerely consider customers’ opinions to improve our sales activities.
  6. We respond quickly and appropriately in a manner that places the highest priority on customer safety if an accident or problem should occur with respect to any products or services, and make our best efforts to implement measures to prevent problems from expanding or recurring.

3. Relationships with Business Partners

  1. We conduct transactions with all of our business partners in accordance with applicable laws such as related anti-trust laws, and internal corporate rules, and do not engage in the abuse of a dominant bargaining position or violation of the act regarding the protection of subcontractors. We clearly present transaction terms and conditions and conduct transactions of necessary products, materials, and the like with appropriate quality, price, and delivery date to establish mutually beneficial business relationships.
  2. We select our business partners by fairly evaluating their compliance with laws and social norms, safety, quality, environment, prices and delivery date.
  3. We cooperate with business partners to meet social responsibilities. Therefore, our business partners’ regulatory compliance, consideration of human rights, and environmental awareness are subjects of high interest to us.
  4. We do not receive personal benefits from business partners, give gifts, or entertain them with the aim of obtaining unfair advantages.
  5. We comply with all applicable laws related to the import and export of products, with the full understanding of local laws and rules as a member of the international community. In particular, we pay full attention to the countries, regions, organizations, and individuals that are subject to international economic or trade sanctions.

4. Relationships with Shareholders and Investors

  1. We seek to maximize shareholder value by efficiently utilizing corporate assets in an effort to fulfill the trust placed in us by our shareholders and investors. We return profits to the shareholders according to our profit growth.
  2. We strive to have appropriate accounting practices and accurately record, store, and manage information, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the necessary laws and regulations. We also practice highly transparent management and act carefully to preserve the Seven & i Group brand by actively disclosing information not legally required to be disclosed if we believe that such information affects investment decisions of our shareholders and investors.
  3. We value dialogue with shareholders and investors for sustainable growth and to increase our medium- to long-term corporate value. We also aim to obtain, through such dialogue, their understanding of our management strategies and business plans, and make use of our shareholders' and investors' opinions to promote our management activities.
  4. We will comply with all applicable insider trading laws and regulations. We will report, and carefully manage all information in accordance with our internal rules, if we come to learn about material nonpublic information or material confidential information concerning the Seven & i Group or its business partners. We are not and will not be engaged in trading of stock or other instruments that could constitute insider trading, tipping or any other such unlawful conduct under the applicable insider trading laws and regulations.

5. Relationship with Local and International Communities

  1. We take an active role in addressing problems involving such factors as transportation, noise, and odors in consideration of the local living environment in conducting our business.
  2. We respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions where our business operates and provide products and services matching those individual regional characteristics.
  3. We strive to contribute to the development of the countries and regions through employment and through the transfer of technology and business know-how.
  4. We recognize our role as a critical infrastructure within the local community and commit to contribute to the development of safe and secure cities. In the event of a large-scale disaster, such as a natural disaster, we take prompt actions to supply essential, life-saving products to our customers by utilizing our Group stores and distribution network. We will strive to engage in the recovery of disaster-affected areas, not only immediately after the event, but also over a medium- to long-term basis.
  5. We engage in activities utilizing our employees' expertise and techniques in coordination with NGOs, NPOs, research organizations, and the like to resolve human rights, environmental issues, and other domestic and overseas affairs. We also encourage our directors, officers, and employees to participate in volunteer activities and the like.

6. Relationships between the Company, and Directors, Officers, and Employees

  1. The company, its directors, officers, and employees mutually respect human rights, diversity, and personality. We do not permit any discrimination based on social status, nationality, race, family origin, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation*, gender identity*, or mental or physical disability. We promote a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  2. The company, its directors, officers, and employees should never engage in, or tolerate, acts of harassment based on gender, authority, position, and the like, that impairs individual dignity. This includes harassment in the workplace from a position of power (power harassment), sexual harassment, and maternity harassment.
  3. The company strives to maintain worker health and safety by following the necessary health and safety measures to prevent industrial accidents. The company also promotes a work-life balance for directors, officers and employees.
  4. The company will be cognizant of health conditions of directors, officers and employees to ensure that they are able to work in good health, both physically and mentally. The company adopts a mechanism to protect itself against infection, prevents mental health disorders, and provides education and support to promote good health.
  5. The company actively provides education to increase the aptitude and motivation of each director, officer and employee. The company determines the employment, personnel change, and promotion of each director, officer and employee by fairly and impartially evaluating ones abilities and performance.
  6. The company respects workers' rights, such as the right to organize, based on international norms and efforts to further improve the work environment.
  7. The company takes full responsibility in handling privacy information, such as human resource information on directors, officers, and employees, to avoid any infringement of privacy.
  8. Directors, officers, and employees recognize the distinction between public and private positions, and should not receive inappropriate gifts, entertainment, or monetary benefits, such as commissions and rebates, by taking advantage of their occupational positions. While employed by the Seven & i Group, directors, officers, and employees shall not become involved with competitors such as by becoming directors, officers, employees, advisors thereof, without the relevant Seven & i Group's approval.
  9. All business relationships and information obtained by directors, officers, and employees will remain the property of each group company, even after retirement, and cannot be used without each group company's permission.
  10. Regardless of personal usage or otherwise, directors, officers and employees must not engage in any act to damage the company's reputation or property through social media communication.
  • *
  • Sexual orientation: Fundamental human sexual tendency regarding which gender a person's love interest or sexual interest is directed towards.
  • *
  • Gender identity: Conception or sense of oneself as to which gender an individual belongs.

7. Preservation of Global Environment

  1. We will contribute to forming an ethical* society by not only committing to the quality and safety of products and services but also by ensuring that the products and services we provide consider the reduction of environmental impact and the human rights of producers throughout the manufacturing and supply process. We will observe our business partners' environmental and community activities with high interest and aim to cooperate with and enhance those activities.
  2. We recognize nature's benefits. In order to pass rich natural resources to the next generation, we not only need to understand the effect business has on nature but also need to procure with consideration of sustainable resources. We also develop forest conservation activities to foster biodiversity.
  3. We aspire to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions by assuring environmental management in our stores and offices, as climate change is a pressing issue. Examples include the introduction of energy efficient facilities and use of renewable energy (such as natural energy, using sunlight, solar heat, wind power, and the like). We also examine adaptation* to climate change.
  4. We reduce waste, improve our recycling efficiency, and increase the use of recycled materials to help promote a recycling-oriented society* that leverages limited resources efficiently.
  5. We engage in activities to reduce the use of containers and packaging, as well as donating portions of sales proceeds. We encourage customers to participate with us.
  6. We work to enhance our environmental awareness so that each director, officer, and employee understands the importance of global environment preservation and pursues efforts to reduce environmental impact in one’s daily life.
  7. We are responsible for setting our own yearly goals and disclosing the results.
  • *
  • Ethical: Means “ethical” and “moral.” In recent years, this term is more and more used in the context of environmental preservation and social contribution.
  • *
  • Adaptation: Prevention and reduction of damage due to climate change effects, which are already occurring, and taking advantage of new climate conditions.
  • *
  • Recycling-Oriented Society: A society where waste generation is reduced, and waste is used in a continuous cycle through appropriate reuse or recycling, etc.

[ Revised on September 6, 2016 ]