Disaster Assistance

Seven & i Holdings strives to quickly reopen its stores and establishments and keep them in operation even during disasters as a part of its mission to preserve community lifelines and fulfill its role as social infrastructure when disasters occur.


Swift Regional Relief Activities in Disasters and Local Awareness-Raising

Seven & i Group stores strive to preserve community lifelines during disasters by working quickly to resume and continue operations, as well as providing swift regional relief during disasters along with tap water, restroom facilities, disaster information, and other necessities. Head Office also provided support for stores in the form of product supplies and special assistance for staff members. In preparation for a wide range of situations, we work with the community to fulfill our role as important social infrastructure for daily living.

In addition, Seven & i Group companies have been promoting the conclusion of agreements on assistance with relief provisions and support for evacuees during disasters with local governments, under which they provide  material assistance in line with requests from local governments during disasters. All Group stores conduct fundraising activities to assist people affected by disasters and have launched free Wi-Fi service Seven Spot. In July 2017, three Group companies–Seven & i Holdings, SEJ, and IY–were designated as public institutions under the Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures.

As daily initiatives, the stores feature disaster preparedness sections and hold events to learn disaster prevention and so forth in a bid to raise customer awareness of disasters.

Cooperation with Local Government During Disasters

Seven-Eleven Japan and Denny’s, which is managed by Seven & i Food Systems, have registered stores and restaurants in prefectures with which agreements have been executed as Disaster Support Stations. In the event of a large-scale disaster, these sites will provide tap water, restroom facilities, and information to the extent possible to persons who are unable to return to their homes.

A Disaster Support Station sticker

Providing Means of Communication in Emergencies

Seven & i Holdings allows its free Wi-Fi service Seven Spot, located at approximately 20,000 Seven & i Group stores nationwide, to be used on a special basis during emergencies even by people who have not registered as members so that they can confirm the safety of friends and relatives and serve as a line of communication for those who are unable to return home. Seven-Eleven Japan has also set up emergency phones that can be used free of charge (special public phones for use during disasters) at a portion of its stores within Tokyo’s 23 wards.

Emergency telephone

Free in-store Wi-Fi service Seven Spot

7VIEW: Seven Visual Information Emergency Web

Seven & i Holdings compiles a range of information within the Group but we have also joined with business partners to develop the 7VIEW*1 system for providing, sharing, and utilizing disaster information more broadly. "7VIEW" is a system that displays the status of stores and distribution bases in disaster areas on a cloud map so that related divisions can grasp the situation. In addition to existing functions such as a hazard map, a disaster-related SNS display, and a weather forecast, we will enhance cooperation with the national government and research institutes in the fiscal year ended February 29, 2020 and continue to evolve so that we may further contribute to rapid recovery from disasters.

7VIEW screen
  • *1.
  • Visual Information Emergency Web
  • *2.
  • Disaster Information Sharing System

Fuel Depot for Delivery of Emergency Provisions

One of the important priorities of Seven & i Holdings in the area of business continuity in emergencies is maintaining fuel supply networks in the event of a major disaster. We have established a fuel depot in Saitama Prefecture that can be used by product delivery trucks to transport emergency provisions, a first for a Japanese retailer.

The depot maintains a permanent supply of 400 kiloliters of fuel, and when a disaster occurs it can be used to deliver emergency provisions and products for up to ten days to evacuation centers in affected regions and elsewhere and to the Group stores and establishments in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Fuel for vehicles is stored in underground tanks