Risks and Opportunities Related to Sustainability

Various problems and issues related to the environment and society constitute risks that threaten a company's sustainability, but the act of endeavoring to solve such issues leads to new business opportunities. Seven & i Holdings identifies risks and opportunities related to seven material issues, and works to reduce risk levels while striving to realize a sustainable society alongside sustainable corporate growth by creating new business models for solving social issues.
We have therefore created the Corporate Action Guidelines and other policies, and established the cross-group CSR Management Committee and its subcommittees, the Compliance Subcommittee, Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee, Supply Chain Subcommittee, Environment Subcommittee, and Social Value Creation Subcommittee. Specific measures are considered through these committees.

Material Issues, and Main Risks and Opportunities

Material Issue 1

Create a livable society with local communities through various customer touchpoints

Material Issue 2

Provide safe, reliable, and healthier merchandise and services

Material issue 3

Realize decarbonization, circular economy, and society in harmony with nature, through environmental efforts

Material Issue 4

Achieve a society in which diverse people can actively participate

Material Issue 5

Improve work engagement and environment for people working in Group businesses

Material Issue 6

Create an ethical society through dialogue and collaboration with customers

Material Issue 7

Achieve a sustainable society through partnerships