Business Partner Helpline (whistleblowing system and grievance mechanism)

About the Seven & i Holdings Business Partner Helpline

To provide safe and reassuring products and services to customers, Seven & i Holdings established the Seven & i Holdings Business Partner Helpline, operated by IntegreX Inc., a third-party organization, to provide consultations and receive reports in order to discover problems at an early stage and prevent problems.

The helpline receives inquiries, reports, and grievances from business partners of Seven & i Holdings and Group companies, and we strive to implement improvements rapidly to ensure fair trade.

Details of Consultations and Reports

Violations of laws and regulations, unfair trade practices, alteration of the site of origin or manufacturing date of products, and other conduct that results in a loss of confidence by customers or society

People Who Can Use the Helpline

Officers, employees, part-time workers, and former employees of the business partners of Seven & i Holdings and Group companies

Maintenance of Confidentiality

IntegreX and Seven & i Holdings entered into a service outsourcing agreement and confidentiality agreement. The privacy of all people who consult or submit reports is respected and the details of consultations and reports are not disclosed or divulge to third parties.

Prohibition of Disadvantageous Treatment

People who use the helpline for consultations or reports are not subject to any disadvantageous treatment by Seven & i Holdings and Group companies on the grounds of such use.

Flow of procedures for accepting consultation


  • When using the helpline, please state your name and employer so that your identity can be confirmed in order to receive subsequent inquiries or provide responses.
  • Upon request by callers, name, employer, and other information will be kept confidential by the third party consultation organization, which will submit an anonymous report to the company.