Material Issue 6

Create an ethical society through dialogue and collaboration with customers

Approach to the Material Issue

The Seven & i Group believes that its important role is to contribute to the creation of an ethical* society by increasing the number of products and services that solve social and environmental issues through dialogue and collaboration with customers.Responding to customers' growing awareness of "ethical consumption" in recent years increases the value of our products and services and strengthens our brand. We are working to listen to our customers and encourage them to promote sustainability in society.

  • *The word "ethical," in addition to its conventional meaning, has been increasingly associated with environmental preservation and social contribution in recent years.

Background to the Material Issue

Growing awareness of ethical consumption

With growing awareness of sustainable fashion, food loss solutions, and fair trade, more and more people are interested in socially and environmentally conscious consumption behavior. In Japan, this number is said to be as high as 81.2%*. As awareness of ethical consumption grows, it is important to build a sustainable business model that can realize both social and economic value by listening to what customers want and giving shape to it together.

  • *Source: Consumer Affairs Agency "Consumer awareness survey on ethical consumption (FY2019)"

Contribution to SDGs

By addressing this material issue, the Seven & i Group will realize an ethical society and contribute to achieving Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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