Material Issue 2

Providing Safety and Reliability through Products and Stores

Approach to Material Issues

The Seven & i Group handles about 3 million items of products at each company's stores, and also develops a variety of products as private brands. Because of this, we are committed to ensure the quality of our products, including their safety and reliability. We also recognize that playing a role of a social infrastructure that can be used with a peace of mind even in emergencies such as natural disasters is an important issue.

Background to Material Issues

Food Safety

With the globalization of food and recent incidents and accidents that threaten food safety and security, there has been growing interest in food safety, including the issues of controlling raw materials, food additives, and displaying information about allergens. Answers to a survey by the Cabinet Office showed that about 60% of people feel uneasy about food safety, and there is a need to further strengthen their quality control systems for companies.

Degree of Anxiety about Food Safety

Frequent Natural Disasters

In recent years, floods and landslides due to heavy rain occur frequently, driven by climate change and other factors. Also, many natural disasters such as large-scale earthquakes continue to occur in connection with the location of the Japanese archipelago. According to a survey by the Cabinet Office, over 90% of respondents said that they feel uneasy about natural disasters, and when such disasters occur, social infrastructure such as the provision of the goods and services necessary for daily life, plays an important role. The Company is expected to ensure business continuity to provide a safe and secure base.

Anxiety about Natural Disasters

Promotional Framework for Material Issues

In response to this material issue, the CSR Management Committee and its subordinate Supply Chain Subcommittee, work together with the Group companies and related departments to provide safety and reliability through products and stores. The Group is also working to ensure information security under the Group Information Management Committee. These activities are supervised by the Seven & i Holdings Director and Managing Executive Officer Head of the Corporate Development Division.

Contribution to SDGs

By tackling this priority issue, Seven & i Group will provide living bases that ensure people's safety and security in the event of natural disasters due to climate change, and will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 9, 11 and 13.


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