Material Issue 1 Create a livable society with local communities through various customer touchpoints

Reducing Housework

In order to respond to customer demand for saving shopping time and reducing the hassle of housework, Seven & i Group is developing and selling cooked meal products for those who feel it a burden to prepare meals. These products are based on the concept of individual servings, small portions, and easy-to-preparing.


Developing Products and Services that Make Meal Preparation Easy

Ito-Yokado sells the Chef’s RECIPE series, which can be easily prepared using a frying pan or microwave, at the fresh meat and fish sales sections. The selection for cooking with a frying pan* offers meat and fish that have been cut and seasoned. These meals can be easily cooked with a frying pan in a short time. Customers can also cook them in considering nutritional balance, such as frying them with different vegetables of one’s preference. The frozen delicatessen series Frozen Deli, which is convenient for customers when they are busy, is also available at the delicatessen sales section. For frozen foods, EASE UP series are offered as authentic individual-sized meals that can be enjoyed just by microwaving.

  • The menu changes according to the seasons.


EASE UP "Kalbi Gukbap"

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