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Providing Services to a Wide Range of Customers

Seven & i Group is expanding services and supporting shopping to enable easy use by all customers, including senior citizens, people with disabilities, and foreign residents whose numbers are increasing yearly.


Training Dementia Supporters

Seven & i Group supports the creation, localities where it has opened stores, of neighborhoods where residents who suffer from cognitive impairment and their families can live with security. To this end, we are encouraging our employees to attend training courses for “dementia supporters.”

Each Group company holds training courses, and the number of the supporters across the 26 Group companies* as of the end of February 2021, is 38,383 in total. Notably, Ito-Yokado had in excess of 10,000 such supporters by November 2020. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to develop “dementia supporters.”

* 26 Group companies are working on this initiative (accounting for 98% of the Group sales in Japan).

Number of Dementia Supporter Training Course Takers

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020

Cumulative participants 24,029 29,623 34,110 37,550 38,383 40,000


Dementia supporter training

Marketing Products that Support Senior Lifestyles

According to the Cabinet Office, as of October 1, 2019, the percentage of the total population of persons aged 65 years old and over (elderly ratio) was 35.89 million, accounting for 28.4% percent of Japan’s population. In addition, it is forecast that this percentage will reach 33.3% by 2036. In this context, Seven & i Group is promoting the development and retail of products, and proposing lifestyle solutions, aimed at the elderly.

Development of “Anshin Support Shop”

Ito-Yokado is developing the Anshin Support Shop at 97 stores, which carries an extensive selection of apparel, daily essentials, and foods, including products that support the health and lifestyles of seniors and care products (as of the end of June 2021). In addition to explanations of products features by sales staff with specialized knowledge on caring including counselors specialized in welfare equipment, these staff are also able to deal with consultations regarding nursing care and welfare issues in general (about 140 counselors as of the end of February 2021). In addition, Ito-Yokado is working to develop products in response to customer opinions and comments. Products such as “Feet-friendly Slippers” which are easy to wear or be fitted, and the “Triangular-fit Walking Stick” which prevents pain between the fingers by means of a triangular grip customized to fit the palm and an original-design flexible arm, have been well-received by customers.

Permanent Installation of “Living Design Salon”

Sogo & Seibu has teamed up with the Caring Design Association to establish a permanent “Living Design Salon” at the Seibu Ikebukuro Store for supporting living and home design for customers aged in their 50s and above. The facility proposes appealing homes that casually incorporate care and support features for the physical changes that occur with age, aiming to enable people to live in their own way even as they grow older.

Financial Services for Foreign Residents

Seven Bank provides the “Overseas Remittance App” available in nine languages for customers who make use of overseas remittance services. In 2016, it started concluding agreements such as agreements for promoting multicultural coexistence with local governments in areas with high concentrations of foreign residents. The agreements are mainly intended to disseminate local information through the app. Information about living in these areas, disaster information, and so forth is disseminated in multiple languages through the app to residents to help customers live safely and conveniently in Japan. As of the end of March 2021, we have concluded agreements with 13 local government organizations.

In addition, Seven Global Remit, a subsidiary of Seven Bank, started an overseas remittance service for Vietnam in March 2021, using the “Sendy” smartphone app to cater to customer demand for those wishing to send money simply, conveniently, and with reasonably-priced processing fees. This allows cash to be charged (deposited) at more than 25,000 Seven Bank ATM machines throughout Japan, to easily remit money overseas from a “Sendy” application account.

Development of ATMs Easy to Use Even for Customers with Disabilities

Seven Bank is making daily progress on the ATM functions and services so that all customers can use them with confidence. With its voice guidance service, which is mainly for customers with visual disabilities, users can make a transaction by following voice instructions delivered through an intercom phone installed on the ATM to operate the buttons on the phone. Customers with the cash cards of over 500 affiliated partner financial institutions can use this service. The system of voice guidance was developed after soliciting feedback from people with visual disabilities and testing its operability. Furthermore, ATMs in 7-Eleven stores are installed with cane and drink holders to make them easy for anyone to use.


Voice guidance service


ATM with cane and drink holders

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