What we can do to reduce CO2 emissions across borders. What we can do to reduce CO2 emissions across borders.

Electric car charging station in Seven-Eleven, USA
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“Installing electric car charging stations” to spread clean energy across borders

In order to make electric cars more convenient and easy to use, we have installed charging stations in Japan and overseas so that customers who come to shop at our stores can charge their cars while shopping. A total of 2,445 stations (*1) have been installed at Seven-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, York Mart, and York Benimaru stores in Japan, and at some Seven-Eleven stores in the United States overseas. We will continue to expand such initiatives both in Japan and overseas.

※1As of the end of February 2022 in Japan, as of the end of December 2021 overseas

Cross-corporate initiatives towards “operating stores on 100% renewable energy"

We have launched a series of cross-corporate efforts in order to achieve carbon-neutral store operations. From April 2021, green power plants owned by NTT Group have been supplying power to the Ario Kameari store. We are therefore operating stores using 100% renewable energy. In June 2021, together with the NTT Group, we concluded an off-site PPA to set up a dedicated renewable energy power plant in Wakaba-ku, Chiba City (*1) which has since been supplying power to 40 Seven-Eleven stores (*2). Additionally, solar panels have been installed in 8,821 the Seven & i Group stores (*3).

※1Off-site PPAs (off-site power purchase agreements) are renewable energy contracts between a project developer and a company where renewable energy is produced remotely and delivered through a power transmission and distribution network.

※2As of October 2021

※3As of the end of February 2022

* The above photos are for illustrative purposes only

Initiatives across the supply chain to “install solar panels in food factories and distribution centers”

We, the Seven & i Group, commitment to installing solar panels is not limited to the Group's stores but also reaches across the merchandise procurement and delivery chain, with plans to install solar panels at 19 facilities by February 2026. At the Warabeya Nichiiyo Foods’s Kagawa Plant, which makes Seven-Eleven lunch boxes and side dishes, we have succeeded in reducing annual CO2 emissions by approximately 394 tons thanks to the installation of solar panels.

The Seven & i Group’s CO2 emissions (Japan) * Calculated by equating FY 2013 emissions to 100 FY 2013 FY 2021 Approx. 24% decrease Number of the Group stores: approx. 18,000 Number of the Group stores: approx. 22,500