What can we do to achieve carbon neutrality? What can we do to achieve carbon neutrality?

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Connecting with the help of solar panels. Continuing to reduce CO2emissions.

We, the Seven & i Group, are working together with all of you to find solutions that will help us attain carbon neutrality. Of the stores visited by our customers all over Japan, a total of 8,906 the Group stores (*1) have installed solar panels. This has allowed us to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 42,000 tons annually (*2) .

*1 As of the end of February 2023
*2 FY 2021 results

Connecting by using hydrogen. Continuing to find new forms of energy.

We, the Seven & i Group, have developed the first convenience stores in Japan with attached hydrogen stations. Additionally, we have just started introducing in our fleet light-duty fuel cell trucks that run on hydrogen. We are fully committed to creating eco-friendly stores with the goal of reducing total energy consumption as well CO2 emissions.

Connecting with the help of air conditioning technology. Continuing to save energy.

Seven-Eleven has begun to implement "positive pressurization inside stores" to prevent outside air from leaking into the store though the entrance door by controlling air pressure inside stores. This will improve air conditioning efficiency and increase power saving, leading to an average annual reduction of approximately 1.2 tons of CO2 emissions per Seven-Eleven store (*). The Seven & i Group will continue to introduce environmentally friendly, next-generation stores.

* Actual figures may vary depending on individual store location and other factors.