Who will create a future in which no one is left behind? Who will create a future in which no one is left behind?

Kids Earth Fund’s activities in Cambodia
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Connecting with the help of children's drawings. Continuing to support future generations.

We, the Seven & i Group, are working with all of you on improving the future of children the world over. At the stores of each of the Group’s companies, we sell merchandise decorated with pictures drawn by children in collaboration with the Kids Earth Fund (*). A portion of the earnings is channeled through the Kids Earth Fund to help children around the world. We also hold painting exhibitions and workshops for the Kids Earth Fund at the stores of each of our Group’s companies.

* Merchandise may not be available in certain stores.

KID EARTH FUND Kids Earth Fund: An NPO that delivers painting materials and necessary supplies to children around the world.

Connecting with stores though the WEB. Continuing to support childcare.

We, the Seven & i Group, offers various forms of childcare assistance though its stores. At Ito-Yokado stores, counselors with qualifications as public health nurse or midwife have opened "Maternity and childcare counseling rooms" where customers can consult about health matters during pregnancy and childbirth/childcare free of charge. Akachan Honpo, in order to assist those who cannot participate in childcare classes at their stores due to the Covid 19 pandemic, has posted on the web the "Learn at Home Online Course Series."

Click here for "Learn at Home Online Course Series"