Why? セブン&アイグループが、社会課題解決に取り組む想い。 Why? セブン&アイグループが、社会課題解決に取り組む想い。

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Number of comprehensive cooperation agreements signed with local governments nationwide:329 * As of the end of February 2023

Developing products based on the Local Production/Local Consumption model in various regions of Japan

We, the Seven & i Group, are committed to concluding comprehensive agreements with regional governments in order to promote initiatives, like local production for local consumption, aimed at regional revitalization.As an example, 7-Eleven stores in certain areas carry udon noodles made from wheat harvested in the same region.We value local flavors and local food culture and are committed to developing products made from local ingredients.

Microwave heating type cup udon

Selling locally-grown vegetables puts a smile on the faces of producers and consumers alike.

Ito-Yokado, York Benimaru and York are committed to offering local vegetables purchased directly from local producers.Being able to purchase fresh and delicious vegetables unique to a specific region helps local farmers and brings joy to customers and farmers alike.Not only that, farming vegetables in the vicinity of a store also makes it possible to shorten transportation distance to the store itself, thus reducing the environmental load related to food transportation, commonly referred to as "food mileage."

Using safe, secure and environmentally friendly crops

"GAP certification" certifies that a certain agricultural product has been produced through sustainable agricultural methods that ensure food safety, occupational safety and environmental conservation, while the "Organic JAS" logo certifies that a product was produced by the power of nature, without relying on chemical substances like pesticides and chemical fertilizers.Ito-Yokado and York-Benimaru are committed to increasing the number of "GAP certification" and "Organic JAS" certified agricultural products carried by their stores and to expanding sales of original products based on them.As part of its collaborative initiatives with local communities, Seven-Eleven also develops original products using GAP-certified vegetables from Fukushima Prefecture, selling them in stores within the prefecture.