How much longer can we continue to preserve our beautiful nature? How much longer can we continue to preserve our beautiful nature?

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Regenerating the sea ensures that we have a future. Nurturing and maintaining luxuriant forests.

The Seven-Eleven Foundation uses donations received from customers at the Seven-Eleven stores, as well as financial contributions from companies, organizations and individuals, to carry out activities to protect and preserve the natural environment. We are committed to continuing to work together with local residents and stores to protect our beautiful nature.

Seven Sea Forest

As parts of our efforts to regenerate the seas, we are involved in activities to plant amamo (eelgrass), a type of seaweed that purifies water, produces oxygen and also helps reduce CO2. Amamo fields, known as “the cradle of the sea,” serve as hiding place and habitat for small fish, provide food for smaller creatures and absorb CO2 in the same way as land forests. Carbon captured this way is called "blue carbon" and it is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also carry out beach cleaning activities as a countermeasure against marine plastic waste. Through initiatives like "Creating a Forest in the Sea" at 5 locations nationwide (as of the end of February 2023) and the "Tokyo Bay UMI Project," we strive to ensure together with local residents that our oceans, so rich in lifeforms, will be handed to the next generations.

Activities at "Tateyama Seven Sea Forest"
Amamo planting

Seven Forest

In order to prevent global warming and to preserve the abundant forests that are home to so many different creatures, we are engaged in "Creating Seven Forests" at 14 locations nationwide (as of the end of February 2023). We carry out forest-nursing activities ranging from tree planting to weeding and thinning, with some of the thinned wood being used for fashioning over-the-counter collection boxes and containers/packaging for our merchandise (*). Once again, local residents and stores are coming together to create forests in order to preserve the environment.

* Some containers and packaging for "Seven Premium" merchandise.
Tree planting activities at "Nagano Seven Forest"

"Cool Earth Day," caring about the earth through environmental actions.

To celebrate Cool Earth Day, which falls on July 7th , the Seven & i Group stores will turn off their luminous store signs from 19:00 to 20:00 (*). Why don't you join us in turning off your lights too and thinking about reducing CO2 emissions and preventing global warming while gazing at the night sky?

* It may not be implemented depending on the store.
* Implementation time may vary depending on stores.
* To be implemented on July 7, 2021.