How? どうすれば、盲導犬が足りていない現実を、解決できるでしょうか。 How? どうすれば、盲導犬が足りていない現実を、解決できるでしょうか。

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“Mobile store services" to support local communities and make shopping easy

As part of our initiatives to "provide social infrastructure in an age of an aging and declining population," Ito-Yokado operates the "Ito-Yokado Tokushimaru" (*1) mobile supermarkets to assist those who live in areas where it’s inconvenient to shop or who are unable to leave their home. Additionally, Seven-Eleven started the "Seven Safe Delivery (Anshin Otodokebin)" (*2) in May 2011, traveling to customers who have problems doing their daily shopping and helping them enjoy their shopping.We, the Seven & i Group, are committed to keep expanding its "mobile store services."

※1The "Ito Yokado Tokushimaru" service is offered by a limited number of stores, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai regions.

※2The "Seven Safe Delivery (Anshin Otodokebin)" is offered by a limited number of stores.

Continuing our “Phone home delivery service" to ensure that no one is left behind

York Benimaru offers a home delivery service where orders are accepted by phone or fax and merchandise are delivered to the front door of the customer's home. This service is part of our continuing efforts to make shopping easy even for elderly people who have difficulty in going to the store, cannot use internet, and for whom the telephone is the only lifeline.

* "York Benimaru phone delivery service" is available at 7 stores. (As of the end of April 2023)