In March 2016, SEVEN-ELEVEN HAWAII, INC. (SEH) added "Our Promise" to its set of company values in order to support its direction as a chain of "close-by, convenient stores," to shape its corporate culture, and to further solidify its values. "Our Promise" is comprised of the following three specific values.

  1. 1Bring a smile to the faces of customers, vendor partners, and employees
  2. 2Work together as a team to achieve goals
  3. 3Strive for greater heights

To promote "Our Promise," the company started a program for recognizing exceptional employees. First, all employees are encouraged to nominate people they think are practicing the three values. Then, the selected people are given a badge and a bonus and are introduced in the company newsletter and on an employee-only Facebook page.

These values define SEH as a business for the community, for partners and for employees. The practice of Our Promise then becomes the cornerstone for the words and actions of employees.

Thriving with Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, SEH supports activities and NPOs involved with children, education, public welfare, and health. In FY 2020, the equivalent of approximately $49,000 in support was provided to 33 organizations through fundraising, material support, and volunteer activities on the part of SEH customers, stores, employees, and the company.


Supporting NPOs through Storefront Donations

SEH has been collecting storefront donations to support various NPOs that contribute to the local community since it began operations. Organizations that wish to receive donations submit an application stating their mission and why they want to participate in the organization, and each month, one organization is selected as the recipient. The selected organizations are active in fields such as health, safety, and education, and the donated funds are used throughout Hawaii. In FY2020, approximately $106,878 were donated.

Recognizing Hawaii’s First Responders During the Pandemic

Healthcare workers, first responders and volunteers have been working tirelessly to preserve the health and safety of the community. In April of 2020, we at 7-Eleven Hawaii made several donations to convey our appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Folks at Queen’s Hospital and Straub Hospital received single serve snacks. We wanted to give them a boost of energy to help them get through their shifts. Both hospitals were very thankful for the donation. They were grateful that we thought of them.

Donations were also given to the Honolulu Police Department. Some of our private label snacks were delivered to the Kalihi neighborhood precinct. While the main headquarters received 1,450 N90 masks to protect them while they protect us.

Sponsoring Health Conscious Culinary Competition for Students

On December 4, 2020, 7-Eleven Hawaii along with the University of Hawai‘i held its 3rd annual culinary competition.

Students had to create a better-for-you bento or entrée that is also a comfort dish. The criteria was slightly different from years past. This competition focused on fiber. Each recipe had to contain at least 5 grams of fiber – a requirement that turned out to be a bit of a challenge. There were more than one dozen entries with eight moving onto the final round. Recipes reflected Hawai‘i’s melting pot of cultures with dishes inspired by Japan, the Philippines, Mexico, China and more. Students infused their personal stories into their recipes. Owen Saito was inspired by his apprenticeship in Japan with his Ginger Miso Salmon Bento. Kaleb Molina is of many ethnicities, which were reflected in his entry, Kalua Pork Hash Patties with Kim Chee Fried Rice Bento.

The judges (from 7-Eleven Hawaii and Warabeya USA) had a tough time deciding the first-place winner. They ultimately decided to award first place to two students. Eri Abe won with her Wafu ‘Ulu Stew Bento inspired by a Japanese dish called Nikujaga. Commonly made with potatoes, she used locally grown ‘ulu (breadbruit) in her recipe. Tied for first was Jeongyeon Shim with her Tteokbokki – Spicy Rice Cake Stir Fry. Shim was inspired by a common comfort dish found in South Korea. Socorro Jiho was the runner-up. Jiho created Bistec A La Mexicana con Arroz Primavera. It was a childhood rice dish that her grandmother would prepare for the family.

In recent years, more and more females have been making their mark in the culinary world – a predominantly male industry. This trend was definitely present in this competition with women winning all three places. Our customers are able to try the first-place dishes in 2021. Shim’s comfort dish was introduced on June 15th. And Abe’s Wafu ‘Ulu Stew bento was just introduced on August 3rd.

Hawaii’s Community Coming Together for Fallen Officers

Sunday, January 20, 2020 is a day that all of Hawai’i will never forget. That day, Officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama were fatally shot, after responding to a 911 call. The community came together for their families – both officers were parents to young children. Several local financial institutions alongside the State of Hawai’i Organization of Police Officers helped set up the Officers Enriquez & Kalama Memorial Fund. For the month of February, 7-Eleven Hawai’i dedicated the change collected from all store donation canisters to that memorial fund. The community responded strongly. On average collections totaled $7,000 per month. Our customers contributed a total of $30,000. 7-Eleven Hawai’i donated an additional $2,000. In Hawai’i, we see our police officers as family.

Taking 7-Eleven Hawai’i into the Classroom

To help support culinary education, non-profit Hawaii Agriculture Foundation (HAF) connects local businesses with Hawaii’s schools K - 12 through its Localicious campaign. This year, HAF paired 7-Eleven Hawaii with Ms. Anderson’s 4th Grade class at Wahiawa Elementary. In February of 2020, Ms. Anderson contacted our Marketing Team to see if there was an opportunity for the Fresh Food Team to share how food goes from farm to store. We were excited about her request and quickly agreed to present to her students.

The presentation took place in one of the classrooms on Thursday, March 12. That day, Debbie Lee Soon switched her Senior Category Manager hat with a teacher’s hat. She was greeted by six enthusiastic 4th grade students. They were ready to learn from Ms. Lee Soon! Lee Soon’s presentation was two-fold. First, she took the students on a Boost Bowl salad journey. She shared how the Boost Bowl went from a concept to being made available at our stores. After the storytelling, Lee Soon had them make their own mini Boost Bowl. Prior to asstembly, she asked that they wash their hands and suit up just like an employee from Warabeya USA. After being properly dressed and sanitized, they each made their own salad to take home. The group had lots of fun learning from Lee Soon and they were eager to share their salads with their parents.

Diversity & Inclusion

Hawaii is a region which is especially diverse in language, culture, education, age, and other factors. People across several generations have continued to accept mutual differences, appreciate each other, and share their stories. As a result, the culture of the Hawaii state was born with many unique things such as food, language, and festivals. Diversity and inclusion are established in SEH’s culture and lives in all relationships whether in public spaces or at the workplace.


Reducing Environmental Impact

Aside from SEH’s Energy Smart Program which is aimed at reducing energy consumption, they have also been focused on reducing plastic. In 2015, SEH replaced all plastic check out bags with paper bags. Moving into 2020, they converted their disposable plastic utensils, straws and coffee lids to PLA based alternatives. And plastic coffee stir sticks were changed to wood. Using 2013 as the base year, SEH’s plastic reduction efforts resulted in a net CO2 emissions reduction of 238 metric tons. They will continue to focus on ways to further reduce plastic use.

Hot Beverage Island
Number of SEH Stores and Environmental Data Associated with Store Operations
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of stores 64 64 66 65 65
Electricity consumption (MWh) 18,334 18,425 18,849 18,099 18,500
Water consumption (thousand m3) 47 51 50 51 50

Plastic Countermeasures

Concerning the problem of plastic, about which concern has increased throughout the world; SEH is working to reduce the usage of plastic, with a focus on containers and packaging materials.

【Examples of Initiatives】

  • Not including spoons, forks, and other utensils with boxed lunches, but handing them to those who need them at the cash register
  • Eliminating disposable plastic bags
  • Introduce shrink wrapping* and minimize the wrapping of fresh produce
  • Implement a "Bring your own cup" program to encourage customers to bring their own cups
  • Hot Beverage plastic lids replaced with PLA based lids
  • Hot Beverage plastic stir sticks are now made of wood
  • *Airtight packaging that uses plastic packaging film that is shrunk by heat

Major Awards and Recognition in FY2020

Recognition or Award Name Award Sponsor Reason

1st place: Best Spam® Musubi

1st place: Best Convenience Store

Finalist: Best Bento

Star Advertiser Voting by readers
1st place: Best Musubi Honolulu Magazine Voting by readers
Finalist: Best Musubi KITV4 Voting by viewers

Initiatives in North America