In March 2016, SEVEN-ELEVEN HAWAII, INC. (SEH) added "Our Promise" to its set of company values in order to support its direction as a chain of "close-by, convenient stores," to shape its corporate culture, and to further solidify its values.

"Our Promise" is comprised of the following three specific values.

  1. 1Bring a smile to the faces of customers, vendor partners, and employees
  2. 2Work together as a team to achieve goals
  3. 3Strive for greater heights

These values define SEH as a business for the community, for partners and for employees. The practice of Our Promise then becomes the cornerstone for the words and actions of employees. To promote "Our Promise," the company started a program for recognizing exceptional employees. First, all employees are encouraged to nominate people they think are practicing the three values. Then, the selected people are given a badge and a bonus and are announced on an employee-only Facebook page.

Thriving with Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, SEH supports activities and NPOs involved with children, education, public welfare, and health. In FY 2022, the equivalent of approximately $143,430 in support was provided to 37 organizations through fundraising, material support, and volunteer activities on the part of SEH customers, stores, employees, and the company.


Supporting NPOs through Storefront Donations

SEH has been collecting storefront donations from customers to support various NPOs that contribute to the local community since it began operations. Each month, SEH researches Hawaii-based organizations that are active in fields such as health, safety, and education. In 2022, SEH committed to supporting its Your Neighborhood Store mission by selecting organizations from not only Oahu, but Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii Island. In FY2022, approximately $71,000 was donated.

Walking for a Cause

After a break of several years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEH employees enthusiastically reunited to participate in the Step Out Walk at Kapiolani Park in April of 2022. This event reaffirms SEH’s dedication to supporting the American Diabetes Association’s mission to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of those affected by the disease.

Individuals from both Store Support Center (SSC) and store teams were encouraged to invite their families to the event filled with walking, games, and food. The reunion at Kapiolani Park provided an opportunity for SEH employees to actively contribute to the fight against diabetes and re-connect with their fellow colleagues.


Supporting Hawaii’s Children during International Day of Charity

In celebration International Day of Charity on September 5, 2022, SEH announced that it would match all customer contributions made throughout the month of September to the designated monthly donation canister recipient. The chosen beneficiary was The Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation, a local organization dedicated to supporting children battling cancer. This initiative aimed to raise awareness and provide essential financial assistance during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation (HCCF) has been a beacon of hope for children and their families affected by cancer for over 30 years. HCCF provides vital resources, including financial assistance for medical expenses, emotional support, and education programs to enhance the quality of life for children battling cancer.

The announcement of SEH’s pledge came through social media and in-store digital POS. After the collections were matched, the total amounted to over $13,000.


Celebrating Bike Month for a Healthier Hawaii

In July, SEH partnered with Oahu’s largest bikeshare organization, Biki, to promote biking as a healthy and eco-friendly transportation alternative throughout Bike Month. Biki has over 1,300 bikes at over 130 conveniently located self-service “Biki Stops,” enabling residents to utilize biking without having to own one.

Biki kicked off the Bike Month festivities by hosting an “Energizer Station” on July 5, 2022 along a bike path in Honolulu where cyclists could stop for a free snack sponsored by SEH. In feedback received from bikers, they were thankful for the banana, energy bar, and graphic tote provided by SEH as an unexpected surprise that made their commute much more enjoyable.

On July 11, 2022, SEH celebrated in a big way by presenting Hawaii’s first FREE Ride Day with Biki. All day long, bikers could use code ‘711’ at any Biki kiosk to redeem a free 30-minute ride. To celebrate the inaugural event, Biki and SEH hosted a joint outreach event at Ala Moana Beach Park to give away logo items, refreshments, and to educate the public about the benefits of biking. It is estimated that SEH powered 3,000 free rides that day.

Biki Energizer Station Providing Refreshments to Bikers
SEH outreach tent on FREE Ride Day at Ala Moana Beach Park

Helping Hawaii’s Families Celebrate a Bright Holiday Season

SEH partnered with non-profit Keiki O Ka ‘Aina in December 2022 to support their mission to educate children, strengthen families, enrich communities, and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture by empowering Hawaii’s families to undertake leadership roles in their communities. At the heart of all the enrichment practices is the Hawaiian language, tradition, and values.

Keiki O Ka ‘Aina hosts a major “adopt-a-family” campaign each holiday season, where generous community members can anonymously gift necessities to a family in need. To support this campaign, SEH made a donation of $40,000 and sponsored a “Winter Wonderland” at Windward Shopping Center to support the cause on December 3, 2022.

In addition, Store Support Center (SSC) members participated in the “adopt-a-family” initiative and collectively donated approximately $1,500 in retail value of supplies and other essentials to help a worthy family. As a result of these combined efforts, SEH was recognized as the largest single donor to Keiki o Ka Aina on the local television station KHON2 during the evening news in December.

SSC Members band together to donate toys, supplies, and necessities to underprivileged families. Pictured are SEH representatives dropping off the gifts at Keiki o Ka Aina’s Kalihi facility.
Debbie Lee Soon, Food Innovation & Development Manager, represents SEH to judge a “Gingerbread Warrior” Competition at Keiki o Ka Aina’s Winter Wonderland Festival on December 3, 2022
SEH Awards $40,000 to Keiki o Ka Aina in December of 2022.

Diversity & Inclusion

Hawaii is a region which is especially diverse in language, culture, education, age, and other factors. People across several generations have continued to accept mutual differences, appreciate each other, and share their stories. As a result, the culture of the Hawaii state was born with many unique things such as food, language, and festivals. Diversity and inclusion are established in SEH’s culture and lives in all relationships whether in public spaces or at the workplace.


Reducing Environmental Impact


Plastic Countermeasures

Plastic reduction efforts remain at the forefront for SEH in 2022. The goal this year was to reduce plastic packaging for SEH’s private brand snacks and candy by 25%. With the assistance of our vendors, we completed this project in December 2022. This initiative resulted in an annual reduction of 180 pounds of plastic and approximately 247 CO2e (kg).


【Examples of other Initiatives】

  • Not including spoons, forks, and other utensils with boxed lunches, but handing them to those who need them at the cash register
  • Eliminating disposable plastic bags
  • Introduce shrink wrapping* and minimize the wrapping of fresh produce
  • Implement a "Bring your own cup" program to encourage customers to bring their own cups
  • Hot Beverage plastic lids replaced with polylactic acid (PLA) based lids
  • Hot Beverage plastic stir sticks are now made of wood
  • *Airtight packaging that uses plastic packaging film that is shrunk by heat
Number of SEH Stores and Environmental Data Associated with Store Operations
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022



Number of stores 66 65 65 65 67
Electricity consumption (MWh) 18,849 18,099 18,156 17,950 18,502
Water consumption (thousand m3) 50 51 55 55 56

Major Awards and Recognition in FY2022

Recognition or Award Name Award Sponsor Reason

Best of Honolulu #1 for Convenience Store, #1 for Musubi

HONOLULU Magazine As voted by readers of HONOLULU Magazine
Best of Hawaii #1 for Convenience Store, #1 for Musubi KITV As voted on by viewers of KITV4 and KIKU
Hawaii’s Best #1 for Bento, #1 for Musubi Star Advertiser As voted on by readers of Star Advertiser

Initiatives in North America