Protecting Personal Information

Protecting personal information handled by the Group is a key priority in management and business activities. Our Corporate Action Guidelines therefore state that “We strictly manage personal information collected from customers and take careful precautions to prevent accidents such as information leakage.” Moreover, we have also provided a separate “Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information”, which includes stipulations relating to internal audits and so forth of the management structure and protection of personal information, as well as use and compliance status.

Examples of Items in the Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information

  • Personal information may not be used outside the scope of its intended use. If it is to be used outside of this scope, the consent of the owner must first be obtained, unless otherwise provided by law.
  • When sharing personal information of customers between Group companies, the scope, items used, purpose of use, and name of the person responsible for its management must first be notified to the customer or published on the website or other medium.
  • To ensure appropriate management of personal information, safety management measures must be implemented at the organizational, human, physical, and technological levels, and steps taken to prevent or correct leaks, loss, or damage of the personal information.
  • Persons who violate this policy or related personal information protection rules are to be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the employment regulations or other treatment.