Chinese Superstore Business

Message from the Chairperson

Ito-Yokado (China)
Investment Co., Ltd.
Hua Tang Yokado
Commercial Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.
Tsugumi Ko

The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Ito-Yokado's opening of its Chunxi store in Chengdu, China. As a member of the Seven & i Group, we will continue to focus on the shopping experience of each individual customer and provide higher quality products and services to our customers under the slogan of "Responding to changes and adhering to the basics. We will constantly pass on Ito-Yokado's "spirit of craftsmanship" in China and strive for the sound development of the company.

Ito-Yokado currently operates 12 stores in China (9 general merchandising stores, 2 food and commodity stores, and 1 shopping center), welcoming nearly 30 million customers each year. Through these store operations, we have continuously improved the quality of our products, enhanced our services, reformed our business model, and created new consumption scenarios to demonstrate the appeal of the "innovative Ito-Yokado." At the same time, we emphasize the joint development of the company and society and focus on achieving the goals of the Seven & i Group's GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 and addressing the Seven Material Issues that are social issues, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of society. In addition, through repeated dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, and employees, we will work to realize a sustainable society by providing environmentally friendly products and reducing plastic usage and food loss. We will also continue to make charitable donations for the development of local communities, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and take on the challenge of creating new value by working to provide food safety and security, which are the primary concerns of our customers, as well as higher quality products and services.

The Chinese economy continues to undergo a transformation, with the new coronavirus outbreak showing no signs of abating and new factors of international instability emerging. However, customers' expectations are growing as China's urban consumption becomes more sophisticated, the quality of the supply chain is constantly developing and new distribution infrastructure is being put in place. We are entering a new phase of development integrating "craftsmanship, quality, wisdom, fun, and green" so that we can provide "a shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations." In the future, we will take advantage of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) agreement to further strengthen the characteristics of Japanese companies, promote the expansion of economic trade between China and Japan, and provide innovative shopping experiences for our customers by creating new life scenes, products, and consumption styles.

China Business History

Year Event
1996 Request to establish superstore received from government of China and Chengdu in Sichuan Province
December 1996 Chengdu Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. established in Chengdu
September 1997 Hua Tang Yokado Commercial Co., Ltd. established in Beijing
November 1997 Chunxi Store opens in Chengdu
December 2001 Asian Games Village Store opens in Beijing
September 2003 Shuangnan Store opens in Chengdu
December 2007 Jinhua Store opens in Chengdu
November 2009 Jianshe Road Store opens in Chengdu
November 2011 High-tech Store opens in Chengdu
January 2014 Wenjiang Store opens in Chengdu
2014 Then-Chairman Tomohiro Saegusa named an Honorary Citizen of Chengdu, a first for a Japanese manager of a private company
January 2017 Meishan Store opens in Meishan
April 2017 Chengdu Ito-Yokado E-commerce Co., Ltd. established in Chengdu
November 2018 Huafu Avenue Store lifestyle grocery store opens in Chengdu
January 2019 Ito Plaza opens in Chengdu
January 2021 Leshan Store opens in Leshan

Company Overview

Chengdu Ito-Yokado Hua Tang Yokado Commercial
Net Sales approx. ¥71,200 million approx. ¥5,400 million
Number of employees 2,795 191
Number of stores 10 stores (Chunxi, Shuangnan, Jinhua, Jianshe Road, High-tech, Wenjiang, Meishan,Huafu Avenue, Ito Plaza, Leshan) 1 store (Asian Games Village)
Established December 1996 September 1997
Chairman Tsugumi Ko Tsugumi Ko
President Kazumi Kunimi Satoshi Osada
CSR Promotion Structure Corporate Ethics and Culture Committee Corporate Ethics and Culture Committee
Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee
Consumer Affairs and Quality Control Subcommittee Consumer Affairs and Quality Control Subcommittee
Environmental Subcommittee Environmental Subcommittee
  • *Fiscal year ending December 31 (number of stores as of December 31, 2021; number of employees as of February 28, 2022)
  • *Exchange rate of CNY1 = ¥17.04
  • *Net sales does not include value added tax

CSR Initiatives


CSR Promotion Structure

In China, companies are required by society to promote CSR, for example, by formulating CSR initiative policies and evaluation indicators in line with Chinese government policy, and by publishing CSR evaluation rankings.

Ito-Yokado (China) Investment Co., Ltd. established a Corporate Ethics and Culture Committee in the latter half of 2021 and has begun building a structure for a cross-sectoral activity system for its China operations in cooperation with the CSR promotion system committees of each China operating company. The Corporate Ethics and Culture Committee consists of three subcommittees: the Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee, the Environmental Subcommittee, and the Consumer Affairs and Qualigy Control Subcommittee. The Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee goes back to the starting point of the company's establishment and ensures that employees are fully aware of the company's policies and corporate creed. The Environment Subcommittee promotes specific reduction targets for electricity and water conservation and energy-saving store operations. The Consumer Affairs and Quality Control Subcommittee works to provide safe and secure products and services, leading to better products and services. Chengdu Ito-Yokado and Hua Tang Yokado Commercial have begun working together with the Corporate Action Committee of Ito-Yokado (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to promote CSR more comprehensively. In addition, the Corporate Action Committee of Chengdu Ito-Yokado shares the Seven & i Group Materila Issues through online and offline communication meetings, and formulates plans to resolve these issues. The committee also holds network-based online training sessions to establish a curriculum that enables employees to learn business and skills knowledge and correctly conduct corporate activities.

Publication of CSR Reports

Chengdu Ito-Yokado has published a report annually since its first CSR Report, which summarizes its social and environmental initiatives, in July 2016. In preparing the report, we refer to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SDGs, and ESG, and also include a comparison table with the three at the end of the report. The CSR Report for FY2021, published in August 2022, was distributed to attendees of the Sichuan CSR Report Presentation and conferences for the private sector, and was also provided to the Ministry of Industry and Credit, the State Resources Commission, and other government agencies through the China Federation of Industry and Economy for their use.


Promise to Customers


Quality and Freshness Management

Chengdu Ito-Yokado distributes a "Standard Operating Procedures Manual" to each employee to unify production and processing standards and improve quality, and headquarters personnel regularly visit stores to confirm that products meet the standards. We also screen, evaluate, and track contracts with suppliers of products, and work to realize a total quality management system for the supply chain from the farms to the dining tables.

Hua Tang Yokado Commercial holds quality control training for employees handling food products four times each year and strictly adheres to quality control standards. In addition, the company conducts regular inspections of the sanitary environment, including equipment, sanitation and process systems, and employees, on the sales floor and backrooms. In addition, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, employees in the food sales floor conduct PCR tests daily, and employees in the backroom conduct PCR tests every 48 to 72 hours in response to administrative requirements. The sales floor and backroom are regularly sanitized to provide customers with a safe and secure shopping environment.

Provision of Traceability Information

Since 2013, Chengdu Ito-Yokado has established a food traceability system in cooperation with producers to disclose product information to customers. Chengdu Ito-Yokado independently developed "看得見的放心" and manages the quality of its products. 看得見的放心 has the same concept as "Traceable Fresh Food with Producers' Faces" sold at Ito-Yokado in Japan and it has earned the trust of its customers as safe and secure products.

看得見的放心 Muscat: In 2020, we established a new production site in Yunnan in addition to the production site in Dujiangyan. The Yunnan production site is located in Jianshui County, Honghe Province, Yunnan Province, with an elevation of 1,700 meters above sea level, an average annual temperature of 18.5℃, an average annual sunshine duration of 2,750 hours, and a large temperature difference between day and night, making it the fastest maturing area for muscats in China.

看得見的放心 Melons: The production center for Xizhou melons is located in Lhedong Li Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Province, at a latitude of 18 degrees north. Because of its tropical region, the area is known as a "Great Natural Greenhouse," with an average annual temperature of 22°C to 27°C, 2,650 hours of sunshine per year, and abundant rainfall. Therefore, the conditions for a favorable environment for growing melons with high sugar content, good quality, and a strong aroma are available.


Strengthening Quality Management of Store Operations in Pursuit of a Safe and Secure Shopping Environment

In 2019, Chengdu Ito-Yokado began monthly quality inspections of store operational aspects by the Administration Division in order to fully enhance store management, operational, and service capabilities. The Administration Division leads the operational quality inspections, which are conducted by the Division and stores together, and include monthly on-site inspections and on-site evaluations for matters such as basic customer service on the sales floor, sales floor and backroom management, and fire safety. For any problems discovered, the causes and countermeasures are shared with all employees to improve the management awareness and level of store managers and to ensure a safe and secure store environment.

From 2021, we are updating our management requirements to meet the changing shopping needs of our customers, subdividing our inspection criteria and spending more time communicating with our stores. We newly added 11 major and 145 minor operational quality inspection items to improve customer satisfaction.

Periodic inspections of warehouse
Meetings between the Administration Division and store employees

"Citizen Quality Supervisor" System and Collection of Customer Feedback

Chengdu Ito-Yokado has established a "Citizen Quality Supervisor" system since 2008, inviting public participation from customers, to improve products and stores based on customer standards. In 2021, we received numerous comments from 95 Citizen Quality Supervisors and customers at each of our stores regarding our products and services, such as expanding the range of Japanese products, increasing the number of products for women that can be redeemed with member points, and the "伊藤到家" (online supermarket) portal site, and improved our products and services.

Inauguration of the Citizens Quality Supervisor in 2021
Events for Citizen Quality Supervisors
Menu tasted by Citizen Quality Supervisors

Promise to the Local Community


Donations and Stakeholder Engagement

Chengdu Ito-Yokado supports education and assists needy families. For example, since 2007, we have selected four elementary schools and donated necessary equipment to improve school facilities and equipment. We actually visited those four schools and donated stationery, teaching materials, and sports equipment to economically disadvantaged children in response to the schools' requests. In addition, we also visit local families in need, people with disabilities, and elderly people living alone at each seasonal milestone to donate daily necessities. We also continue to donate to Sichuan University every year, and 2021 was our 24th donation.

In 2021, on Children's Day, June 1, Chairman Tsugumi Ko delivered the donated items as a representative of the company and visited Pengzhou Tongji Lantian Elementary School to participate in the "Mobile Children's Palace" class. The "Mobile Children's Palace" project is a collaboration between Chengdu Ito-Yokado and the Chengdu Next Generation Foundation. The goal of the project is to introduce the know-how of the "Chengdu Youth Palace" to rural schools in the suburbs of Chengdu, where there is a high concentration of out-of-school children*1 and children in flux*2, so that the children can receive the same level of education as in urban areas. By 2021, the "Mobile Children's Palace" project has been implemented in two Friendship Elementary Schools, with more than 1,000 teachers and students.

In July 2021, torrential rains in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, caused serious flood damage. Chengdu Ito-Yokado immediately joined forces with the Chengdu Next Generation Foundation and four other companies to donate 1 million yuan (approximately 18 million yen) to support youths in the affected areas, and also provided a total of 10,000 sanitary and household items. In November of the same year, the Chengdu Municipal Chenglong Street Office requested us to deliver relief supplies in response to the re-spread of the new coronavirus infection in Chengdu. We also donated 800,000 yuan (approximately 14 million yen) for other social contribution activities.

  • *1 Children left behind when both parents go away for work
  • *2 Children who live with migrant parents but do not have a local family register and cannot receive adequate education
Visit to Pengzhou Tongji Lantian Elementary School
Packed and delivered 10,000 hygiene and daily living products to Zhengzhou
Donation of relief supplies to the Chenglong Road Office (Ito Plaza Store)

Volunteer Activities

On the third Wednesday of every month, Chengdu Ito-Yokado employees at every store clean up the areas around the stores. On traditional Chinese holidays such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival, the company provides comfort gifts to isolated elderly and economically disadvantaged people in the communities surrounding its stores.

At Hua Tang Yokado, employees take the initiative in beautifying the city by making clean-up activities a daily routine.

Cleanup activities
Providing comforts to clean-up crews

Promise to Employees


Store Management by Local Employees

All Chengdu Ito-Yokado and Hua Tang Yokado Commercial stores have actively promoted local employees since the opening of their stores in China in order to create stores that are rooted in the local community, and Chinese staff are playing an active role in these stores. The percentage of Chinese employees (excluding directors) in management positions is 98.2% at Chengdu Ito-Yokado and 98.3% at Hua Tang Yokado Commercial, with local employees basically running the company. Chengdu Ito-Yokado's stores in local cities (Meishan/Leshan) employ a large number of local personnel, accounting for 87%.

We have also actively promoted women. The percentage of women in executive positions is 59.9% at Chengdu Ito-Yokado, and five of its 10 stores have female store managers. The percentage of female managers at Hua Sugar Yokado is 47.2% (excluding directors), and the store manager of the Asian Village store is also a woman.

Employee Data (As of the end of December 2021)
Chengdu Ito-Yokado Hua Tang Yokado Commercial
No. of employees 2,919 163
No. of part-time employees 76 24
Ratio of Chinese employees in management positions 98.2% 97.5%
No. and ratio of women in management positions (excluding executives) 374(59.9%) 50(47.2.%)
No. of female team leaders (ratio of female team leaders) 222(61.0%)


No. of female section managers (ratio of female section managers) 107(63.3%) 12(24.0%)
No. of female division managers (ratio of female division managers) 28( - %) 12(24.0%)
No. of female corporate officers (ratio of female corporate officers) 4( - %) 0(0.0%)
No. of employees with disabilities 51 (1.7%) 9 (5.5%)

CSR Education

In FY2020, special attention was devoted to the reduction of plastics. In order to switch to degradable plastic shopping bags, responsible personnel from Chengdu Ito-Yokado attended the 21th IE Expo China, a trade fair for environmental technology, as well as a degradable forum organized by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, to obtain information on such issues as the domestic production of degradable plastics and degradable standards. In addition, the company produced an educational video for internal use to deepen the understanding of employees and informed customers through posters displayed in stores and in-store broadcasts. Chengdu Ito-Yokado also actively publicized its use of degradable plastics outside the company.
In November 2020, Hua Tang Yokado Commercial and Chengdu Ito-Yokado jointly switched to shopping bags, called Super-Bags, made from degradable plastic. These degradable Super-Bags are provided at 2.0 yuan per bag, 6.7 times more than the previous shopping bags, which cost 0.3 yuan per bag for the largest size. At the same time, we are putting a lot of effort into the sale of eco-bags.

Self-Recommendation Program

In the fiscal year ended February 29, 2016, Chengdu Ito-Yokado began operating a Self-Recommendation Program as a show of respect for the autonomy of employees in order to provide an outlet for their motivation. The program is for employees who have worked for the company for at least one year and allows them to put themselves forward as candidates for the jobs they seek.
Applicants who pass assessments are assigned to their desired workplace after a training period.

Human Resource Development Programs

Training programs have been enhanced to boost the motivation of local employees and enable them to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.
Chengdu Ito-Yokado conducted education on improving employees' primary qualification capabilities and workplace operational skills as well as other functional curricula (form production, packaging, food processing, register operation). It uses an online remote education system to facilitate training with enhanced content including at remote sites.
Furthermore, practical skills training sessions are open for all employees to observe if they wish, even if they are not undertaking the training, so they are able to learn directly from the instructor. It also holds in-store operational skills contests and operate a program where on-site customers score employees to select winners, encouraging employees to improve through friendly competition.
In FY2020 Hua Tang Yokado Commercial implemented special education programs on such themes as the Corporate Creed and management philosophy, store assistance, and customer service on three occasions. By having everyone read together the Corporate Action Guidelines at the president’s general meetings held every Monday, the company endeavors to increase understanding of its stance. Training related to everyday customer service is implemented using the morning and afternoon assembly. Staff who receive words of praise (including not only full-time employees but also part-time workers, tenant store employees, cleaners, and security guards) are commended at weekly store morning assemblies for all staff, which serves to raise overall motivation.

Human Resource Development and Training

Classroom Training

In order to pass on Ito-Yokado's philosophy and develop human resources who are autonomous in the Ito-Yokado way, in 2021, we conducted 625 classroom training sessions in 15 categories under the two major themes of "passing on corporate culture" and "enhancing the quality of human resources," with a total of 9,354 employees participating.


Chengdu Ito-Yokado launched online education in 2021 as a training method that is easily accepted by a new generation of employees in order to more effectively hand down and thoroughly implement the company's basic philosophy. The content is being reviewed as needed, and new curricula are being added. The training targets all employees, including headquarters and store employees, and a total of 46,660 people have participated.

Promise Regarding the Environment


Energy-Saving Initiatives

Chengdu Ito-Yokado, as the first low-carbon scene creation project in Chengdu, has been continuously working on projects such as separation of dry waste for resources, development of environmental infrastructure, and waste recycling under the environmental philosophy of "respect for nature, adaptation to nature, and protection of nature" since 2020. In 2021, it invested 5 million yuan (about 90 million yen) in environmental protection to switch to biodegradable plastic products, using biodegradable materials for plastic bags and disposable tableware. In addition, the company reviewed energy-saving technologies, reduced waste, and reduced food loss / waste, resulting in 3,350 tons of waste reduction and 435 tons of carbon emissions. In recognition of these efforts, the company received an award for being an advanced company in the construction of the "炭恵天府" mechanism in fiscal 2021.

Hua Tang Yokado Commercial manages the temperature inside the store through proper operation of the air conditioning system. It reduce gas and electricity consumption by adjusting air conditioning operation time and air conditioning operation for each area as needed in response to changes in weather and temperature. The company also ask the facility management contractor to take in-depth temperature measurements inside the store to monitor temperature changes as needed and adjust the operating pattern of the air conditioning system. In the backroom of its stores, the number of lights used has been reduced to 50%.

Chengdu Ito-Yokado
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of stores 9 9 10
Energy consumption (standard coal tons) 13,150 13,553 13,580
Electricity consumption (MWh) 99,836 105,439 107,670
Gas usage (1,000 m3) 667 540 316
Water usage (1,000m3) 853 888 857
Hua Tang Yokado Commercial
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of stores 1 1 1
Energy consumption (standard coal tons) 1,549 1,434 1,353
Electricity consumption (MWh) 8,106 7,924 7,912
Gas usage (1,000 m3) 380 335 256
Water usage (1,000m3) 60 55 63

Award History (FY2021)

Chengdu Ito-Yokado and Hua Tang Yokado Commercial received the following awards in FY2020 in recognition of their various initiatives.

Chengdu Ito-Yokado
Names of Award Presenting Organization
2021 Advanced company for the construction of the "Coal Huei Tianfu" mechanism Chengdu Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Responding to Climate Change Work Guidance Group Office
2021 Best 10 Leader Companies  Chengdu Retailers' Association
2021 Social Value Contribution Award Chengdu Retailers' Association
Advanced Individuals Leading Sichuan Province's Opening-Up Development Sichuan Human Resources and Social Security Administration
2021 Advanced Division of Market Surveillance Statistics Business Sichuan Office of Commerce
2021 Urban Reform and Innovation Award that fully embodies the Chengdu Construction New Development Concept Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chengdu Municipal People's Government
The 10th (2021) Chengdu Commercial Year Overall Ranking Chengdu Retailers' Association
2021 Golden Business Best Consumer Word of Mouth Business Huaxi Metropolitan News Agency
Hua Tang Yokado Commercial
Names of Award Presenting Organization
FY2021 Class A Tax Payment Reliability Company Chaoyang State Taxation Bureau
FY2021 Leading Companies with Safest Production Systems Chaoyang District Xiaoguan Subdistrict

Initiatives in China