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Material Issue 2Providing Safety and Reliability through Products and Stores

Consideration of Health

Amid increasing public interest in health and nutrition, including the problems of obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and nutritional deficiencies, Seven & i Holdings is responding to a stronger health orientation among customers by working to reduce the use of food additives and provide food products with a good balance of nutrients.


Reducing the Use of Food Additives

Seven & i Holdings is taking steps to reduce the use of additives in food products as a step towards providing health conscious products. For example, 7-Eleven's original daily foods, numbering around 2,000 items including rice balls and boxed lunches, and IY's delicatessen items, boxed lunches, and sushi produced in-store are all free from synthetic coloring agents and preservatives.
Further, since 2007 SEJ has eliminated phosphates, from approximately 30 varieties of ham and sausage products used in original sandwich products, as excessive consumption of phosphates may block the absorption of calcium. In addition, the company is continuing its own initiatives with food manufacturers to reduce trans fatty acid, which is said to increase the risk of heart disease. Based on the Guidelines on Trans Fatty Acid Labeling issued by the Consumer Affairs Agency, SEJ discloses information on its website on levels of saturated fatty acid, trans fatty acid, and cholesterol contained in its main food products.

Reduction of Trans Fatty Acids

(Example) Amount per 100 g of Ajiwai Koppe (Strawberry Jam & Margarine)

2005 2007 2012 2017
1.86g 0.18g 0.15g 0.10g

Providing Healthy Meals Supervised by Physicians and Managing Dieticians

Seven-Meal, SEJ's home delivery service, delivers healthy meals with a good balance of nutrients adjusted for calories and sodium content, with physicians and managing dieticians supervising menu development, nutrient content, and other aspects of the meals. The service strives to develop products with authentic, home-cooked flavor that pursue enduring tastiness without the use of preservatives or synthetic coloring agents.

Average calories 560kcal
Average sodium 2.7g or less
Protein 20g or more
Vegetables Used 100g or more
*Including potatoes, mushrooms, and beans.
*Uncooked weight
Seven-Meal "Omakase Gozen" (Daily boxed lunch)

Development of Health Food Products through the Supply Chain

Seven & i Holdings manufactures its Seven Premium private-brand products using an integrated system from raw material procurement through to product development and quality control.
In development of Seven Premium products, the optimal supplier and Group product development division form a team for the product, and specialists from both sides contribute their information and expertise in a process called "team merchandizing." The teams include suppliers who have nutrition and health experts or R&D centers of their own. We have established seven key points for development of Seven Premium products. One of them is "health conscious," and accordingly, we are developing products that support healthy lifestyles for our customers. In April 2017, we launched the Health Project within the Seven Premium Improvement Committee, to start new initiatives.

Seven Premium Points of Seven Premium

  1. 1. Safe and reliable

    Manufactured in hygienic factories using rigorously selected materials.

  2. 2. Delicious

    Tastes that will appeal to everyone.

  3. 3. Regional flavors

    The taste of home cannot be beaten.

  4. 4. Cutting-edge technologies

    Jointly developed with manufacturers using the latest technologies.

  5. 5. Universally designed

    Labels and designs that are easy to read and understand.

  6. 6. Health conscious

    Calorie counts are printed on the front of the products.

  7. 7. Reasonably priced

    Provided at reasonable everyday prices.

List of Health Food Products
"Seven Premium Sonomama Nomeru Tansansui Plus 490 ml"
Food for specified health use containing 5 g indigestible dextrin (as dietary fiber)

Labeling of Nutritional Components and Allergy Information

Seven and i Holdings strives to provide proper labeling of nutritional components for its private brand Seven Premium. In addition to displaying nutritional components* such as energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and salt equivalents, for certain products we also display components such as saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acid, and cholesterol. Calorie counts are printed on the front of most products to make it easier for customers to find when selecting a product.
The Seven & i Group strives to provide customers with clear product labelling so that people with allergies are also able to select products with confidence. Both products purchased from suppliers and products prepared in-store are labeled for allergen content, and the labels list allergens mandated under the Food Sanitation Act as well as items that are recommended for labeling.
For example, information on use of specified raw materials and equivalent items in products prepared in-store at 7-Eleven (hot snacks, oden, Chinese steamed buns) and in menu items at Denny's restaurants is provided on our website. In addition, in September 2017 we revised our menu to provide allergy information on the use of seven designated ingredients in all menu books in every time slot. Furthermore, in addition to posting information on our website, from July 2017 we have installed tablets in all stores to enable searches of allergens (specified raw materials and equivalent items), in each menu item, and these enable easily operable confirmation of detailed information when ordering.
*Excluding certain items for discretionary labeling that have small surface area.

Sales of Products with Food Allergy Considerations

IY conducts reservation sales of rice flour and soy milk cream cakes containing no specified raw materials to allow people with food allergy concerns to enjoy cake on Christmas or their birthdays with complete peace of mind. For such products, all raw materials and products are managed by lot and inspections are also conducted by external agencies. In addition, at 79 stores (as of the end of February 2017), special areas have been set up within the food products sales area for products catering to customers with food allergies. The areas are stocked with allergy-conscious product lines from seasoning and food product manufacturers.
At the Denny's restaurant chain managed by Seven & i Food Systems, there is a low-allergen menu for children that does not include any of the seven specified allergens (eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crab), created out of consideration for children who have food allergies. When the meals are prepared at the restaurants, employees cook and arrange the food in an area separate from the regular cooking line, and the tableware is individually washed and stored to prevent secondary contamination by allergens.

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Rice Flour and Soy Milk Cream Cake
Low allergen menu

Initiatives for Material Issue 2

Building a Quality Control System

Food Traceability

Consideration of Health

Communication with Customers

Information Security and Personal Information Protection

Appropriate Disclosure of Information on Products and Services

Implementing Crime Prevention Measures for Local Communities

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