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Material Issue 1Providing Social Infrastructure for an Aging Society and Declining Population

Shopping Support

Seven & i Holdings will support people for whom shopping is an inconvenience by utilizing the infrastructure it has developed, such as store networks and logistics and information systems, to create new products and services for shopping support.



The Seven & i Holdings Group is working to realize an Omni-Channel where customers can order any of the Group's products and choose to pick them up from a local Group store or have them delivered to their homes, as well as return unwanted items.
In addition to sales at stores, customers can also order products using their PC or smartphone. For those who are not used to operating a PC, store staff will offer assistance. They will also check in on customers who cannot easily leave home to ask about their needs. In this way, we aim to realize shopping styles that allow customers to purchase what they want in the most convenient way for them.

Shopping Support When Delivering Products

Seven RakuRaku Delivery Provides Home Delivery of Products from Stores

SEJ offers the Seven RakuRaku Delivery service, which provides home delivery for nearly every product sold in its stores. Orders can be placed in advance by telephone or through other means. The service operates a fleet of some 800 "COMS" ultra-small electric vehicles and SEJ is also moving forward with the introduction of around 2,600 power assisted bicycles (as of March 31, 2017).

Seven RakuRaku Delivery

Net Supermarkets

IY operates Net Supermarket at 136 stores (as of February 28, 2017) to provide scheduled deliveries of products ordered by customers using PCs or smartphones. Net Supermarket delivers from nearby stores in as little as four hours. The service deals in food and household goods, and pharmaceutical products were added in November 2013. In December 2014, we started offering a service to help parents raising children. With this service, parents who present and register a maternity notebook issued within the last four years can receive deliveries at a fee of only ¥100 (including tax) for four years from the maternity registration date.

Net Supermarkets

The mobile store services Seven Anshin Delivery and Ito-Yokado Anshin Delivery

SEJ operates the Seven Anshin Delivery mobile store service at 38 stores in 22 prefectures. This service utilizes proprietarily developed light trucks equipped with store facilities, which go to areas that are inconvenient for daily shopping and where many residents are seniors who have trouble securing means of transportation. Customers are able to purchase a range of foods and beverages, including frozen foods, using this service. Plans call for this service to be expanded further in the future to fulfill the needs of customers.
IY also uses its own specially developed trucks equipped with store facilities to provide the Ito-Yokado Anshin Delivery mobile store service at five stores in Nagano Prefecture, Sapporo City, Tama City, Hanamaki City, and Iwaki City (as of May 31, 2017).

Seven Anshin Delivery
Ito-Yokado Anshin Delivery

Initiatives for Material Issue 1

Shopping Support

Reducing Housework

Expanding Services as a Form of Social Infrastructure

Providing Services to a Wide Range of Customers

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