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Material Issue 1Providing Social Infrastructure for an Aging Society and Declining Population

Reducing Housework

Seven & i Holdings is developing and selling cooked meal products based on the concept of individual servings, small volume, and simplicity for those who find meals inconvenient or difficult to respond to customer demand for saving time and reducing the hassle of housework.


Seven Meal Delivery Service

SEJ provides the Seven-Meal home delivery service at some 15,000 of its stores (as of May 31, 2017). The service provides nutritionally balanced meal sets for those who want to eat healthily. Meals are ordered by customers such as seniors and stay-at-home parents who feel inconvenienced by daily meal preparation.
Moreover, SEJ has concluded senior support agreements with local governments, under which local stores in prefectures and municipalities check on the security of seniors and look out for them when delivering their meals. In this way, we are promoting Seven-Meal as lifestyle infrastructure that goes beyond the scope of a simple service.

Delivering Food to the Home

Developing Products and Services that Make Meal Preparation Easy

SEJ's Seven Premium private brand is also developing products that are easy to prepare and reduce the hassle of housework to meet the needs of customers. The products include simple dishes that can be served directly or need only to be cooked, as well as easy-to-use frozen foods that can be cooked in the microwave. SEJ is also pursuing retention of tastiness and developing a menu of items that can be preserved for a long time and prepared for eating simply by heating in the microwave.

Product Development in Collaboration with Manufacturers and Vendors

Initiatives for Material Issue 1

Shopping Support

Reducing Housework

Expanding Services as a Form of Social Infrastructure

Providing Services to a Wide Range of Customers

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