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Material Issue 1Providing Social Infrastructure for an Aging Society and Declining Population

Providing Services to a Wide Range of Customers

Seven & i Holdings is expanding services and supporting shopping to enable easy use by all customers, including senior citizens, people with disabilities, and tourists from overseas, whose numbers are increasing yearly.

Training Cognitive Impairment Supporters

Seven & i Holdings supports the creation of neighborhoods where local residents who suffer from cognitive impairment and their families can live with security. To this end, we are encouraging our employees to attend cognitive impairment supporter training courses.
Each Group company holds training courses, and the number of supporters Groupwide had increased to about 17, 000 as of February 29, 2016. We will strengthen our efforts to continue developing cognitive impairment supporters, aiming to train about 20,000 people by February 28, 2017.

Cognitive impairment supporter training

Marketing Products that Support Senior Lifestyles

Ito-Yokado is developing the Anshin Support Shop at 110 stores, which carries a full lineup of apparel, daily essentials, and foods, including products that support the health and lifestyles of seniors and care products (as of February 29, 2016) About 40% of products sold are original products developed together with business partners, and sales are conducted by sales staff with specialized qualifications who are also able to deal with consultations regarding nursing care and welfare issues in general.

Anshin Support Shop

Services for Foreign Travelers

Seven & i Holdings launched tax-free services at certain stores within every Group company in December 2014, after the range of consumption tax-exempt items for foreign visitors was expanded to cover all items.
Moreover, Seven Bank ATMs offer cash withdrawal services on overseas-issued cards, as well as overseas remittance, while stores also offer free in-store Wi-Fi services Seven Spot in response to strong demand from overseas travelers.

Tax-free services

Voice Guidance-Operated ATM Machines

Seven Bank offers voice guidance services for people with visual disabilities at all of its ATM machines, Users can make a deposit, withdrawal, or make a balance inquiry by following voice guidance delivered through an intercom phone installed on the ATM to operate the buttons. Customers with the cash cards of around 540 partner financial institutions* can also use this service.
This voice guidance system was developed after soliciting feedback from people with visual disabilities and testing various solutions.

  • * Banks, credit unions, credit cooperatives, labor banks, JA banks, JF Marine banks, and securities companies that are partners with Seven Bank. This service is not offered for insurance companies or credit card companies, even if they are a partner of Seven Bank.
Voice guidance service

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