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Business Partner Help Line

Implementation of the Business Partner Help Line.

We have set up the "Seven & i Holdings Business Partner Help Line" operated by a third-party organization, moreover, to fulfill a contact function for providing consultation and receiving opinions from our business partners. The aim of the Help Line is to detect potential problems in advance and prevent their occurrence by providing consultations and receiving reports concerning conduct that could result in loss of public creditability, such as legal violations, unfair business practices and issues involving the safety and security of our customers. The consultation and reporting service is available to corporate officers, employees, part-time staff and former employees of all the Group's business partners.
We provide information concerning the Help Line system and its use in leaflets as well as on our Web site, including assurances that whistleblowers accessing the system will receive no unfair treatment. Seven & i Holdings accepts questions and opinions from its business partners so that problems are rectified quickly and fair business practices ensured.

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