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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer Feedback Desks

Seven & i Holdings seeks to improve products and services from the customers' perspective. At each operating company, we have established a Customer Feedback Desk that receives customers' opinions and requests throughout the year via email or telephone, and responds to them swiftly. The information is categorized by content and transmitted to departments and stores to effect improvements. Twice a year, training is held for improving the customer service skills of the persons in charge of the Customer Feedback Desks at each operating company. In this way, we strive to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the causes of dissatisfaction not only within each individual operating company, but throughout the Group. We also introduce customer feedback in our in-house monthly magazine for operating companies in Japan as a way of spreading knowledge of good initiatives to all employees.

Number of complaints received relating to apparel and household goods at Ito-Yokado Index where FY2008=100

FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2015
39 38 37 36 0

Customer Satisfaction Survey

To make stores that will delight customers, each operating company works to improve its products and services based on customer feedback.

At Ito-Yokado, qualified external consumer lifestyle advisors are commissioned to conduct storefront surveys and collect opinions from visiting customers about the customer service, sales floor layout, product lineup, and related matters.

Seven & i Food Systems conducts mystery shopper surveys six times per year at each store. The surveys are conducted by employees who have experience in the role of store manager or area manager. They perform a 130-point assessment covering customer services, food preparation, cleanliness and so forth, to identify problem areas. At Denny's family restaurants, customers' impressions on the menu are collected through a website, and the stores strive to reflect their evaluations and opinions in product development.

With its Seven Premium private brand, the Group strives to create products that respond to customers' desires. To facilitate this process, a website community for product development through customer participation called "Premium Life Enhancement Committee*" was launched in October 2009. Website users can evaluate individual products and post original recipes made using Seven Premium products. They can also subscribe to participate in monitor surveys. The website offers us insight into how customers use products and in what kind of situations. This information is then reflected in product development.

*Premium Life Enhancement Committee (Japanese)

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