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Basic Policy Regarding Customers

Our “Corporate Action Guidelines” stipulate that we must value dialog with customers and handle their opinions in good faith, while also fulfilling our accountability by disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner. The guidelines also state that we must observe internal corporate rules regarding handling of information equipment to ensure that information is recorded, stored, and managed appropriately, and that collected information is not involved in accidents such as leakage.

Policy on Customers (Excerpt from the Corporate Action Guidelines “Relationship with Customers”)

  1. 1.We do everything to take safety measures and control the quality of our products and services to prevent accidents and troubles. We always adopt the customer's perspective to offer superior products and services that contribute to enrichment of the customer's life.
  2. 2.We strictly manage personal information collected from customers and take careful precautions to prevent accidents such as information leakage.
  3. 3.We respect human rights and individual dignity, serve every customer fairly and impartially in good faith, and endeavor to create sales floors and provide services that anyone can visit and use with a sense of security.
  4. 4.We endeavor to display information that is accurate and easy to understand for customers to make an appropriate selection of products and services so as not to mislead them.
  5. 5.We value communication with customers and leverage their opinions in good faith to improve our sales activities.
  6. 6.If an accident or problem should occur with respect to products or customer services, we respond quickly and appropriately in a manner that places the highest priority on ensuring customer safety, and make the greatest possible effort to enforce measures to prevent expansion of such accidents or problems.

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