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Seven & i Holdings Global Tax Policy

Seven & i Holdings has a basic policy of establishing high-quality corporate governance systems at the Company and its Group companies, including overseas subsidiaries. The systems are designed to ensure sound, sustainable growth and to uphold public trust.To provide appropriate countermeasures for tax-related risks, including changes in the tax governance environment in Japan and overseas, reputational risk, brand value degradation, and corporate social responsibility, we have a tax strategy that corresponds with our management strategies, and we will carry out uniform Companywide tax management.

In line with the above, Seven & i Holdings has adopted the following global tax policy.

1. Legal Compliance

Seven & i Holdings and its Group companies, including overseas subsidiaries, always comply with the taxation laws in the countries where they operate. Moreover, they also respect the intention of such laws by paying taxes appropriately as a way of contributing to the economic development of the countries.

To ensure that our compliance with tax-related laws and our tax management are appropriate, we follow the guidelines for developing internal controls for financial reporting to build and develop internal control systems that ensure appropriate accounting procedures and financial reporting. We operate these systems appropriately and have inside and outside audit & supervisory board members check and assess the effectiveness of the controls.

2. Ensure Transparency

Seven & i Holdings provides timely and appropriate disclosure of management data and tax payment status of the Company and its Group companies, including overseas subsidiaries, in accordance with the laws of each country where they have operations.

Moreover, the Company and its Group companies, including overseassubsidiaries, do not engage in tax avoidance practices, which seek to excessively reduce tax payments, and transactions between operating companies are conducted according to the arm's length principle.

3. Relationship with Tax Authorities

Seven & i Holdings strives to ensure transparency and reliability with regard to the tax obligations of its Group companies, including overseas subsidiaries, in relation to the tax authorities in the countries where they operate and international tax authorities.

Tax Payment

FY2016 Tax Payment Amounts by Country

Japan U.S. Canada China
Tax Payment
(¥ million)
97,436 27,385 92 755


Seven & i Holdings has evaluated the impact of tax obligation risks on future value creation. As a result, we recognize the risk from changes in accounting and tax systems such as transfer pricing taxation as a financial risk, and the risk associated with M&A and business reorganizations as a business risk.

Financial Risks

The Group could encounter unforeseen introductions of new accounting or taxation systems, or changes to existing systems, which could affect its business performance or financial condition.

Business Risks

The Group develops new businesses and reorganizes its Group businesses through M&As, business alliances with other companies, establishment of joint ventures, and so forth. However, if the Group's strategic investments do not achieve the initially anticipated effect and cannot meet its strategic targets, its business performance and financial position could be affected.

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