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Compliance Awareness Survey for Employees

We conduct an anonymous employee opinion survey every two years to ask about compliance awareness and workplace quality. The survey includes the following questions to ascertain the compliance status of the employee, such as whether their supervisor considers it important to conduct work based on laws, regulations, and rules, whether their workplace provides the education on laws, regulations, and rules that are needed to perform their duties, and whether their workplace culture values results above everything else. The first survey took place in January 2013, with about 23,000 respondents at 27 companies in Japan. As a result of the survey, it became clear that “individual employees are aware of the need to comply with rules, but there is a risk that they may not observe them fully,” and “we need to improve our corporate culture, which has a tendency to over emphasize results at the expense of compliance with laws, regulations, and rules.”

Based on these results, the importance of compliance was emphasized to an even stronger degree at the managers training held in each Group company, and we also revised our internal workflows and rules. Moreover, based on the results of the employee compliance awareness survey, we established the Compliance Working Group within the Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee. From this initiative, by the time of the following survey conducted in May 2015 we aimed to have improved on the problem areas highlighted by the previous survey. The sampling rates for the surveys target companies compared to their total numbers of employees when the surveys were conducted were 22% for the previous survey and 33% for the most recent survey.

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