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Basic Policies of CSR Initiatives

Seven & i Holdings conducts its business activities based on its corporate creed of aiming to be a sincere company trusted by all stakeholders. We have stated the actions for realizing that creed in our Corporate Action Guidelines. Furthermore, the Corporate Action Guidelines are in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization, ISO 26000, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the UN Global Compact.

Corporate Creed

We aim to be a sincere company that our customers trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our business partners, shareholders and local communities trust.
We aim to be a sincere company that our employees trust.

The basic posture of Seven & i Holdings employees

Corporate Action Guidelines

    1. 1. Compliance
    2. 2. Relationship with Customers
    3. 3. Relationship with Business Partners
    4. 4. Relationship with Shareholders and Investors
    5. 5. Relationship with Local Communities
    1. 6. Human Resources and Workplace Environment
    2. 7. Environmental Management
    3. 8. Social and Cultural Contribution Activities
    4. 9. Reporting Misconduct and Violative Conduct

Policies for each measure

Support for the United Nations Global Compact

Seven & i Holdings supports the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, a worldwide framework for achieving sustainable growth, and carries out CSR activities through its core businesses to fulfill these principles.

Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals

Seven & i Holdings is working to solve social issues through its business activities, with a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals* adopted at a United Nations summit held in 2015.

  • * The international community's shared goals for attaining the sustainable development of society, the economy, and the environment by 2030, in order to ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Sustainable Development Goals

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