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Seven & i Holdings has around 55,000 stores in 16 different countries, with 18,500 stores in Japan alone. They are an unparalleled logistics service group embracing a wide variety of businesses, from convenience stores to supermarkets to department stores, specialty stores, banks, and internet providers.
If you are going to Japan, please do visit us.

Group company

[Convenience store]

7-ELEVEn is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Providing ATM and Wi-Fi services and offering a wide variety food, drinks, cosmetics and goods.
*Some locations not included.

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[Comprehensive supermarket]

Ito Yokado is one of the largest supermarket chains in Japan. You can buy everything from popular products only available in Japan. Use your short stay efficiently and enjoy shopping at Ito Yokado. You will find something new and exciting at our store.

Tax Free

[Department store]

Sogo & Seibu courteously offers store-brand fashion, luxury brands from around the world, and other high quality fashions, as well as high quality cosmetics, interior goods, jewelry and time pieces, and even food from around Japan and around the world.

Tax Free

[Everyday goods store]

Loft specializes in everyday commodities and has 100 stores nationwide. You'll find a wealth of beauty and health items, stationery, variety goods for everyday life, and trendy goods. You will find that certain something new or something exciting here, as well as get a peek at Japanese lifestyle and contemporary Japanese culture.

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[Mother, Baby and Kids’ Products Specialty Store]

Akachan Honpo carries child care goods, clothing, toys, and everything else related to having and raising a baby. Another draw is its safe, high quality Japanese made store brand original products.

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[Food services]

Denny's offers everything from hamburger steak, and pasta to Japanese food and desserts, all made from the freshest ingredients. Menu items have photos to put you at ease when ordering. Come to eat or just to take a break.


The characteristic service of the Group


  • [ATM]
  • Inside 7-ELEVEn and other Seven & i Group stores you'll find a Seven Bank ATM where you can use your ATM card to get Japanese yen.
  • The ATM touch screen is available in English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German, and Portuguese. It accepts ATM cards and credit cards 24 hours a day.
    You can also contact someone for help using the phone on the ATM (English help available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.).

    *Service may be unavailable at times for maintenance purposes.
    Some services may be unavailable at some locations.

7spot Wi-Fi

  • [Wi-Fi]
  • This logo indicates that free Wi-Fi is available in the store.

    *Some locations not included.

  • For overseas users,
    use the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app to connect.


  • "SEVEN PREMIUM", private-brand products with focus on quality
  • "SEVEN PREMIUM" which are private brand items commonly handled across Seven & i Group stores and their original products are developed with significant emphasis on quality, including food items. There are many that turned into mega-hit products, turning the private brands' conventional image of focusing on prices to focusing on quality and receiving wide support of consumers. If you want to try out items that are in now, go to Seven-Eleven. If you want to have a broad range of selection, go to Ito-Yokado.