Material Issue 2 Providing Safety and Reliability through Products and Stores

Communication with Customers

The Seven & i Group quickly responds to comments and requests provided by email or phone through customer consultation desks set up at each Group company in order to improve products and services from the customer’s perspective. Given the need to protect privacy in connection with feedback received from customers, all personal information is deleted, and the feedback is then categorized by content and communicated to departments and stores for use in making improvements.

Enhancing Customer Service Quality

Seven & i Holdings holds a monthly information and liaison meeting of the Seven & i Group's customer consultation desks, which is attended by customer service desk supervisors at each Group company, in order to reduce the factors that cause customer dissatisfaction and raise satisfaction levels throughout the Group, not just at individual Group companies. Measures taken in response to comments and requests received from customers are shared on a regular basis and the information is incorporated into products and services. Annual training is also held for customer consultation desk personnel at each Group company with a view to further refining customer service skills.

Customer consultation desk personnel training

Collecting Customer Feedback

Seven & i Holdings collects feedback from customers who visit its stores on customer service, sales floor setup, product lineups, and other aspects of operations in order to further improve its products and services.
For example, at Seven-Eleven Japan, a questionnaire is conducted every two years of 10,000 people to ascertain the needs of customers nationwide. In addition, at Ito-Yokado, store surveys are contracted to external agencies certified as consumer affairs advisors to collect feedback from store customers. Based on the results of the surveys, Group companies work to develop products that incorporate the evaluations and opinions of customers.

Product Development Using a Website

For its Seven Premium private-brand products, the Group launched "Seven Premium Enhancement Committee"—a website community for product development that invites participation by customers in 2009. The website features users’ evaluations of individual products and original recipes using Seven Premium products. We also use the website to call for participants in product monitor surveys. The information gathered from the website enables us to analyze the ways and scenarios in which customers use our products, and is reflected in product development.

Initiatives for Material Issue 2