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We will continue to provide new experience value and aim for sustainable growth together with society.

The Seven & i Group encompass a diverse range of businesses including convenience stores, superstores, department stores, specialty stores and financial services. We have stores in 18 countries and regions around the world as a brand loved by our customers in their daily lives.

The world is currently dealing with climate change risks, changes in the social structure and the spread of COVID-19. Against this backdrop, the consumption behavior of our customers and their values in life are changing greatly. This is in an era with an increasing number of uncertainties. We, the Seven & i Group, will create Group synergies by integrating our diverse businesses in an environment in which the pace of these changes is accelerating. We believe this will produce an ability to respond that cannot be achieved by a single company to make it possible to realize even more innovative value creation. We will also continue to place a perspective on sustainability at the core of our management and to pursue a new way of doing things in retail services by taking advantage of our global reach and diversity.

We formulated our Medium-Term Management Plan 2021-2025 (hereinafter “the Medium-Term Management Plan”) in July 2021 with the final fiscal year ending February 28, 2026 by incorporating such a concept. The Medium-Term Management Plan clearly states the vision of our Group together with concrete targets. Our basic stance in the plan is to always think from the standpoint of our customers based on the values of trust and sincerity that serve as our Group’s creed. We will aim for further growth in our convenience store business in and outside of Japan that drives the growth of our Group by continuing to redefine convenience in response to changes in the consumption behavior and values of our customers in the community. Moreover, we will unite as a Group to attempt Group synergies in the food sector that is growing in importance from various perspectives (e.g., health, safety and security), to implement a large-scale commercial base strategy aiming to create buildings that match the characteristics of the business region, to promote DX (digital transformation) that realizes last mile services and to realize retail services integrated with financial services. We will continue to provide new experience value by doing those things.

We are also working to solve various social issues under our “GREEN CHALLENGE 2050” environmental declaration. For example, we are promoting concrete actions in collaboration with local communities and business partners.

We will aim for sustainable growth together with society in the future under the values of trust and sincerity that have served as our Group’s creed since our founding.

August 2021

President and Representative Director
Ryuichi Isaka