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Seven & i Group is aiming to become a world-class food-focused retail group by proactively utilizing technologies and providing new experiences and values

The Seven & i Group has expanded our network of stores to 20 countries and regions around the world encompassing lines of business closely related to people’s lives focused on convenience stores and also including superstores, specialty stores and finance. We provide high-quality products and services for our customers’ daily lives while sharing group-wide our basic stance of “we aim to contribute to the local community both in Japan and overseas by providing new experiences and values from the customer’s point of view” as a brand familiar to our customers.

Global climate change, changes in the social structure in Japan such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and the rapid progress of digital transformation are now bringing about changes in the environment of the consumer and labor markets. Those phenomena are also greatly impacting our daily lives. In this environment, we, the Seven & i Group, are promoting the creation of new food-focused experiences and values and the innovation of distribution services as an integrated group. We are working on these initiatives by proactively utilizing advanced technologies based on our Medium-Term Management Plan 2021-2025 for which FY2025 will be the final year. We have a wide range of points of contact with customers in Japan. In addition to approximately 22,800 bricks-and-mortar stores which welcome about 22.2 million customers a day, we have the 7iD member base shared by our group which encompasses about 28 million members. We will contribute to local communities by realizing rich lives for our customers based on those points of contacts with them. That will lead to the realization of sustainable growth. Furthermore, we will proactively promote store expansion and local operating company support by building value chains in various places throughout the world leveraging the knowledge we have cultivated in Japan and North America in our 7-Eleven business. We will then continue to expand our field of activities as a global retail group.

We formulated our GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 Environmental Declaration in 2019 for the sustainability initiatives our group has placed at the core of our management. We have set targets for 2050 under four themes: reduction of CO2 emissions, measures against plastic, measures against food loss and for food recycling, and sustainable procurement. We promote actions to solve environmental issues and external diseconomies to achieve those targets. Furthermore, we have reviewed the material issues for our group that we identified in 2014 while taking the opportunity to listen to the opinions of our stakeholders and to engage in dialogue with experts. As a result, we revised them into seven material issues in FY2022. We have summarized the new material issues as content which is easily linked to specific initiatives so that our group employees can proactively address them even more as their own concerns. Through that, as we further expand our group’s business domains, we will further enhance our response to various problems relating to our business and the diversification of the demands we receive from society. We will work to realize sustainable corporate growth and the realization of a sustainable society.

We will continue to strive in the future to promote the innovation of distribution services and to provide new experiences and values with our company creed of trustworthiness and sincerity which we have valued since our foundation serving as an everlasting cornerstone.

July 2023

President and Representative Director
Ryuichi Isaka