Material Issue 2 Providing Safety and Reliability through Products and Stores

Implementing Crime Prevention Measures for Local Communities

Seven & i Holdings cooperates in local crime prevention initiatives in line with the operational characteristics of each Group company to ensure that customers can use its facilities safely and with confidence.


Safety Station Activities

7-Eleven stores take advantage of the fact that they stay open 24 hours a day every day of the year to conduct Safety Station activities (SS activities). These involve looking out for the safety and security of the community through such activities as providing a place for women and children to seek assistance, protecting seniors, preventing robberies, shoplifting, and designated fraud, responding to accidents and disasters, and helping in the case of a sudden illness. 7-Eleven stores work to promote a healthier environment for young people by not selling alcohol and tobacco products to minors (those under the age of 20 years), for example, and SEJ also provides information to raise awareness of compliance and crime prevention at franchised stores through “SS Activity Notices” issued monthly.

Activities are publicized using posters

Preventing the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors

Preventing the sale of adult magazines to minors

An SS Activity Notice

Initiatives for Material Issue 2