Top Message

President and
Representative Director
Ryuichi Isaka

Message from the President

We, the Seven & i Group, which operate approximately 22,500 stores in Japan, are used by more than 25 million customers every day. The Group also brings together a range of business lines such as convenience stores, superstores, department stores, specialty stores, and financial services. We are continually striving to create new value by leveraging the strengths of our companies in each of these areas, drawing on Group synergies, and teaming up with outside partners. In particular, we are moving forward with new initiatives relating to major topics of concern in modern society, including health, safety and security, and the reduction of our environmental footprint, all centering around the area of “food,” which is the shared foundation of the Group. Furthermore, by integrating the various business infrastructures the Group has built up, such as our store networks, information and logistics platforms, with digital transformation (DX), we aim to provide even more convenient and pleasing products and services that bring our customers fulfilling life experiences.
 In addition to shifts in demographics in recent years such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has transformed people’s everyday lives, and brought about major changes in consumer needs. To address these changes and meet the emerging needs of customers, we will work together throughout the Group to carry out further transformation and lead the way in innovation across the field of the retail service sector.
 We are also taking aggressive action to tackle environmental, social, and corporate activity issues raised by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under our environmental declaration “GREEN CHALLENGE 2050” formulated in 2019, we have started several highly effective initiatives to enable us to share the environment of this earth with future generations.
 Based on the values of “trust and sincerity,” which has been the Group’s Creed since its founding, the Seven & i Group will continue to strive to be an indispensable part of our customers’ everyday lives, help realize a sustainable society, and grow along with the communities we serve.

November 2020