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Material Issues 5Building an Ethical Society and Improving Resource Sustainability Together with Customers and Business Partners

Promotion of Ethical Consumption

Seven & i Holdings will create a business model that contributes to the development of a sustainable society through the provision of products that are considerate of people, society, and the global environment. We will also promote "ethical consumption," which has come to the fore in recent years.

Use of Forest Thinning Material

Seven & i Holdings sells environmentally friendly Seven Premium private brand products with packaging that incorporates forest thinning material from the Nagano Seven Forest at approximately 18,000 Group stores such as Seven-Eleven stores. We are now promoting the use of this material beyond beverages and cup soup offerings as an initiative to promote forest development and prevent global warming. Forest thinning material is also used in paper containers for SEVEN CAFÉ products, which are sold primarily at Seven-Eleven stores throughout Japan. For each of these products, the packaging contains a printed message indicating the use of forest thinning material.

Products that use forest thinning materials

Sales of Rice Cultivated while Protecting the Environment and Biodiversity

IY sells a rice series that not only uses fewer agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers, but also encourages "biodiversified farming," in which rice fields also service as wildlife habitats. Part of the sales are donated for environmental improvements; in the fiscal year ended February 29, 2016, sales of Koshihikari Rice Nurturing White Storks provided approximately \100,000 for nurturing oriental white storks, while sales of Sado, Niigata Prefecture‒Produced Koshihikari Rice Certified by the Creating Villages Coexisting with Crested Ibis Program provided approximately \200,000 to the Fund for the Improved Habitat for the Japanese Crested Ibis.

Rice cultivated while protecting the environment and biodiversity

Green Wrapping

Sogo & Seibu is promoting the use of "green wrapping," for customers when they order gifts. This involves the purchase of a wrapping ribbon with a leaf-shaped mascot for an additional price of \100, of which \50 is donated to tree planting and growing activities. In this way, the giver can also provide the recipient a chance to think about the environment. One tree is planted for every 80 ribbons sold. In addition, customers purchasing ochuugen and oseibo (summer and winter) gifts who agree to simple packaging also contribute to tree planting, with one tree planted for every 4,000 gifts that use the simple packaging option. (Between 2009 and August 31, 2016, 9,775 trees were planted).

Green Wrapping
Employees carefully plant seedlings provided by the kindness of customers

Animal Testing and Welfare

Seven & i Holdings sells the Botanical Force series of skin care products jointly developed with FANCL CORPORATION under the Seven Lifestyle private brand of cosmetics at Seven-Eleven, Sogo & Seibu (certain stores), and other outlets. These products have been developed without any use of animal testing—their safety has been confirmed by collecting information from raw material manufacturers and other documents, and through safety checks made using cultured cells and human volunteers.

Botanical Force series

Ethical Fashion Event Held

Sogo & Seibu held the ethical fashion item event, "WHAT'S ETHICAL-Let's Embrace Ethical Fashion!" event at the Sogo Yokohama store in May 2015.
Each product featured a display providing a clear explanation of its ethical nature, while talk shows and workshops were also held for participating customers to promote interest in ethical products in a fun setting.

A collection of ethical fashion items on display

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