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Material Issue 4Supporting the Active Role of Women, Youth and Seniors across the Group and in Society

Employee Opinion Survey

Seven & i Holdings conducts an anonymous survey of employees once every two years on topics such as working conditions and compliance awareness.

Employee Opinion Survey

The employee opinion survey gauges employee satisfaction levels through questions on job satisfaction, growth and development through work, acceptability of performance evaluations and other issues. In the fiscal year ended February 29, 2016, the survey was administered to approximately 44,000 employees at 28 companies in Japan, and approximately 39,000 people responded.
After the survey, human resources and CSR personnel from Group companies met to analyze their companies' survey results and held special meetings to identify issues and consider and propose improvement measures. Based on advice from outside consultants and discussions among meeting attendees, individual company problems were identified through in-depth analysis of underlying causes, and proposals were made for issues and countermeasures. The proposals were reported back to the management teams at each Group company along with the survey results, and the companies are now individually promoting initiatives to execute the improvement measures. In addition, issues common to the Group that came out of the survey are being taken up through various projects under the Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee, including projects for promoting diversity and thoroughly ensuring compliance.


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