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Material Issue 4Supporting the Active Role of Women, Youth and Seniors across the Group and in Society

Consideration for Occupational Safety and Health

Seven & i Holdings conducts a variety of initiatives for maintaining safe and comfortable working conditions and promoting the health of employees, including convening safety and health committees and promoting the Seven & i Health Declaration 2018.

Occupational Safety and Health

Seven & i Holdings convenes safety and health committees at each Group company and conducts measures to prevent occupational accidents in order to maintain safe and comfortable working conditions. For example, at IY, training is conducted on the handling of knives and other implements for employees that work with fresh food products. Also, at SEJ, top management gives reminders at meetings on safe driving to Operations Field Consultants, who use vehicles for their jobs, to help maintain awareness of the need for care. At Seven & i Food Systems, awareness-raising posters and other campaign materials are posted at stores twice a year to bring attention to the prevention of workplace accidents. At stores where workplace accidents have occurred, interviews are conducted and the causes of the accident and specific prevention measures are shared with other stores.


Workplace Accident Data for Eight Group Companies for the Fiscal Year Ended February 29, 2016

  Seven & i Holdings Seven-Eleven Japan Ito-Yokado Sogo & Seibu York-Benimaru Seven & i Food Systems Akachan Honpo Seven Bank
Workplace accident frequency 0.00 0.15 1.53 0.29 3.74 0.87 0.00 1.04
Workplace accident severity 0.00 0.01 0.03 0.01 0.02 0.02 0.00 0.00
  • * No workplace accidents resulted in deaths

Promoting Employee Health

When employees are healthy both mentally and physically, it not only makes their own lives more fulfilling but is also a source of vitality for the Company, and makes management more efficient. Based on this understanding, we launched the "Seven & i Health Declaration 2018" in October 1, 2014 in partnership with Seven & i Holdings Health Insurance Union. The Health Management Committee, chaired by the President of Seven & i Holdings, was established in July 2014. Its members include human resources and labor relations supervisors and labor representatives (labor unions) at each Group company, and it is administered by the Seven & i Holdings Personnel Planning Dept., Health Management Center and Health Insurance Union. Through this promotional organization, the progress of initiatives is confirmed and Group measures are planned and reviewed.
The Seven & i Health Declaration 2018 establishes targets in such areas as reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases, reducing the smoking rate, raising awareness of cancers that affect women, and promoting work-life balance. The MY HEALTH WEB Health Management System, an online portal site, was created as a support measure for these targets. We also hold mental health training and health-themed events, provide health-related information through internal newsletters and other media, and help employees maintain and manage their own health.

The MY HEALTH WEB Health Management System in particular allows individuals to browse the past five years of their own diagnostic data on the Internet, and serves as a tool for checking and goal-setting on health status, and for receiving advice on how to improve health. Participants receive points for the degree of their participation, which includes site access, quitting smoking, receiving breast cancer exams, and participating in walks and other events organized by the company to help prevent metabolic syndrome. There are also campaigns that provide health-related merchandise based on the number of points earned. Since it started, the program has covered approximately 60,000 employees and their family members over age 30, and has drawn attention as one of the largest of its kind in the industry.


Seven & i Health Declaration 2018

Targets Specific Targets to Be Achieved by March 31, 2018
1. Maintain appropriate bodyweight and reduce lifestyle diseases Ratio of People with a BMI over 25
Seven & i
National average (20 years and older)*
March 31, 2018
Seven & i Target
Male 34.5% 28.7% 28% or less
Female 25.0% 21.3% 18% or less
2. Reduce smoking rate Overall Employee Smoking Rate
Seven & i
National average*
March 31, 2018
Seven & i Target
Overall 31.3%
(Male employees: 42.6%, female employees: 22.9%)
(Reference - male employees: 32.2%, female employees: 8.5%)
24% or less
3. Raise awareness of women's cancers Increase employees receiving breast cancer exams
4. Raise employee vitality (mental health)
  • Increase employee knowledge of mental health related issues
  • Help employees with mental health issues recover their health
5. Promote work-life balance
  • Reduce overtime and make working hours amenable to health and work-life balance
  • Encourage employees to take days off and vacation time for health promotion and reinvigoration
  • *Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 2014 "Health and Nutrition Survey" result
MY HEALTH WEB Health Management System

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