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Material Issue 4Supporting the Active Role of Women, Youth and Seniors across the Group and in Society

Assuring Fair Assessment and Treatment of Employees

Seven & i Holdings implements various assessment systems for employees to maximize their individual abilities and ensure fair assessments free of unreasonable discrimination due to social status, birthplace, race, creed, gender, and so forth.


Fairness Based on Self-Evaluations

The Seven & i Group has instituted a self-check program to maximize individual employee abilities and help ensure fair evaluations. Twice a year at each Group company, employees first assess their own job performance, which is then evaluated by their supervisor. After that, the employee and supervisor meet to discuss the results. This direct dialogue helps the employee to identify their own achievements, strengths, and challenges while also ensuring the transparency and fairness of evaluations.
In addition, through individual meetings with supervisors, issues at the workplace related to management levels, knowledge, skills and the like are confirmed, and this leads to further career development. Since it is not a simple one-sided evaluation by the company, employees are more willing to accept the system and find it motivating. The system is helping to steadily improve operational levels.

Employee Compensation System

IY has an employee classification system that allows employees to choose which region to work in based on their individual life plans and values. Based on this system, employees are evaluated using a qualifications system, which ranks them by job performance ability and skill, and by job responsibilities, taking into account their current duties and job assignment. In addition, individual evaluations, which are determined based on job achievement, level of contribution and other factors, are directly incorporated into salary and bonus levels.

Selection of Various Work Styles

Seven & i Holdings' operating companies also focus on establishing systems that allow employees to choose various work styles to increase their motivation for work. For example, IY has a program enabling part-timers to choose from diverse working styles. Under this system, part-timers may elect to step up a rank after acquiring a certain level of evaluation and sales skill. There is also a program in place where part-timers designated as highest level can be hired as a monthly salaried permanent employee or contract worker. To date (as of February 28, 2017), 32 part-timers have become monthly salaried permanent employees.
A large number of part-timers have also been hired on in managerial roles, such as sales floor manager. This initiative has received formal recognition as IY received the grand prize (Health, Labour and Welfare Minister's Award) at the Awards for Enterprises Promoting Part-time Workers to Play Active Roles at Work, which was established in the fiscal year ended February 29, 2016 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

IY Step Up Elective System

Award ceremony (January 2016)

Initiatives for Material Issue 4

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Assuring Fair Assessment and Treatment of Employees

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