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Material Issue 4Supporting the Active Role of Women, Youth and Seniors across the Group and in Society

Support for Fostering More Capable Employees

Seven & i Holdings conducts human resources development with training systems refined by Group companies to match their respective business characteristics and supports the skill development of each individual employee.


Training Systems

 For our approximately 110,000 employees working nationwide, the Seven & i Group engages in human resources development through training systems refined by Group companies to match their respective business characteristics. The Group focuses particularly on the essential task of improving the skills of store employees who interact with customers. To this end, we hold regular group training by position and also work to enhance the skills and develop the careers of individual employees, including part-time employees.
For example, at IY, new employee training is held for all employees, including part-time employees, to teach job basics and required retail skills and knowledge. Further, training is held to provide basic knowledge of products handled by affiliated division and to improve skills related to customer service and fresh food preparation. In this way, the company assists employees in continuing to upgrade their skills. Additionally, training is also held for everyone from new hires to sales floor staff, sales floor supervisors, assistant store managers, and store managers, to provide knowledge of sales floor management in stages and in line with their respective positions. Training is divided into newly appointed, post-appointment, and career development stage for each position and a training system has been established with a curriculum to match the growth of each individual employee.
YB uses target setting charts to clarify the individual employee's current skills and abilities as well as skills to be acquired and training targets between individual employees and their managers. The target setting charts include detailed items necessary for job performance, such as customer service, sales area management, ordering, and food preparation techniques, with the skills and abilities of the employee assessed on a six-step scale from 0 to 5. In the "skills version" for staff members and part-time employees, items are determined for each division depending on duties, job characteristics and products handled for each analysis item. There is also a "management version" for store managers, assistant store managers, customer service managers and division managers that is intended to help raise and standardize management abilities. Based on the chart, employees confirm their skill levels with their supervisors and twice a year share the progress they have made with their supervisors and establish the next set of goals. This enables them to check their own growth, helping to boost motivation.

Employees in training

IY Training System

[Position]Part-time employees [Training content][Training for new employees]Merchant fundamentals, corporate fundamentals [Position]New employees [Information sharing]Group training for new employees [Training content][Training for new employees]Merchant fundamentals, corporate fundamentals [Customer service training] Importance of customer service and methods [Service training]Features and formats of gift products [Item-by-item management training]・Sales methods ・Selecting and selling products [Divisional training]Basic knowledge and technologies by division [Position]Staff [Training content][Management training]Knowledge, techniques and management skills necessary for sales area management [Position]Floor managers [Information sharing]Floor manager conferences [Training content][New manager training]・Knowledge necessary for sales area supervisors, management ・Numerical analysis, personnel training [Management training]Knowledge and management necessary for assistant store manager candidates [Position]Assistant store managers [Training content][New assistant store managers training]Knowledge necessary for store management, management [Assistant store manager training]Operational improvements in target division [Management training]Knowledge necessary for senior management, management [Position]Store managers [Information sharing]Store manager conferences [Training content][New store manager training]・Basic knowledge about the company, store operation from a management perspective ・Sales floor management learned from senior store managers, management [Position][Training content]Personal development support (correspondence courses, etc.)[Part-time employees・New employees・Staff][Training content]Divisional training on customer service and fresh food skills

Training Facilities

Seven & i Holdings established the Ito Training Center in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in March 2012 to support the acquisition of technical knowledge on sales, food preparation, and other areas to match business characteristics. Another function is to communicate the Group's founding spirit and nurture the next generation of human resources. The training center is equipped with meeting rooms as well as skills rooms for personnel that handle fresh fish, meat and produce (including sozai prepared dishes, fresh fish, sushi, processed meat, and produce) cash register practice rooms, and display practice rooms with recreated sales areas. A history room is provided to help communicate the founding spirit and corporate philosophy. There is also an accommodation facility within the training center with 65 rooms for overnight stays, including four universal design rooms that are wheelchair-ready. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2017, 55,000 Group employees received training at the facility, bringing the total number since it was opened to over 300,000.

The Ito Training Center

Open Recruitment System for Human Resources

Seven & i Holdings implements an open recruitment system for human resources that encompasses all of its operating companies. The system is designed to respect the will of each individual employee and ensure the right person is placed in the right job to fully leverage their abilities and to invigorate the organization.
Group companies have also instituted internal recruitment systems. For example, at IY, employees who have worked at the company for at least two years can become candidates for managerial positions and jobs regardless of business experience or seniority. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2017, 174 people applied through this system and 28 were appointed to their preferred positions or jobs.
Going forward, we intend to further enhance the conditions that raise motivation and allow employees to fully demonstrate their abilities.

Initiatives for Material Issue 4

Making Use of Diverse Human Resources

Achieving a Work-Life Balance

Support for Fostering More Capable Employees

Assuring Fair Assessment and Treatment of Employees

Consideration for Occupational Safety and Health

Employee Opinion Survey

Sound Labor-Management Relations

Support for Childcare

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