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Health Foods


There is increasing public interest in health and nutrition, with respect to issues such asobesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and malnutrition. As a business organization that handles food, we aim to act responsibly in promoting individual health by providing nutritionally balanced food.


Seven & i Holdings pays particular attention to the following items when developing healthy food.

  • Reducing or eliminating preservatives, artificial coloring agents, phosphates, trans-fatty acids, saturated fats, and cholesterol
  • Increasing low-allergen products
  • Enhancing the lineup of prepared dishes and boxed lunches manufactured by Seven-Meal Service and supervised by a managing nutritionist
  • Enhancing the lineup of products containing euglena

Number of Categories Sold Based on the Above

FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Target
8 8 9 9

For product development at Seven-Eleven Japan, we use a method called "team merchandising," where the Head Office forms a team with the optimal business partners for that product, and they pool the information and knowledge of their respective specialists. Some of these business partners have nutrition and health experts and some of them have research and development facilities. Moreover, Seven-Eleven Japan provides products manufactured under the supervision managing nutritionists by Seven-Meal Service meeting the following conditions (Approximately 200 items).

  • Use at least 120 g of vegetables
  • At least 15 ingredients
  • Average calorie content: 560 kcal
  • Salt no more than 2.8 g
  • No preservatives or artificial coloring agents

The Seven & i Holdings Group's Seven Premium private-brand products are manufactured with an integrated system from ingredient procurement through to product development and quality management. These products must meet seven requirements, one of them being "supports health." To this end, the calorie content is displayed on the front of the product to make it easy for customers to find when selecting products.

Products that Contain Fewer Additives

Seven & i Holdings is taking steps to reduce the use of additives in food products as part of efforts to create products that are safe and reliable. For example, no artificial colorings or preservatives are used in the original products such as rice-balls and boxed lunches sold by Seven-Eleven Japan (approximately 2,000 items), or in the prepared meals, boxed lunches, and sushi sold by Ito-Yokado. At Seven-Eleven Japan, we have eliminated the use of phosphates from the ham and sausage used in our original sandwiches (approximately 30 items), since excessive intake of phosphates is said to inhibit calcium absorption. Moreover, we continue to work with ingredient manufacturers to reduce the amounts of trans-fatty acids, which are said to increase the risk of heart disease. In line with the official guidance on displaying information about trans-fatty acids from the Consumer Affairs Agency, the amounts used in typical products are disclosed on Seven-Eleven Japan's website, along with amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol (Japanese).

Trans-fatty Acid Content of Seven-Eleven Japan Croquet Pan Bread (Values Calculated per 55g)

Oct. 2013 Sept. 2014 June 2015
0.14g 0.13g 0.11g

Health Enhancing Food Products

Euglena has drawn attention for having characteristics of both a plant and an animal, and containing some 59 types of nutrient. Ito-Yokado and euglena Co., Ltd., along with cooperating food product manufacturers, established the Euglena Committee with the goal of developing products that will provide modern people with an easy way to get the nutrients that they tend to lack. Products that contain euglena are sold with an original logo on the package.

Number of Products Developed Containing Euglena

Number of manufacturers Number of products
April 2014 8 9
June 2015 6 6

Educational Activities for Children

Educational Activities for Children

Seven & i Holdings seeks to help nurture people who are able to acquire knowledge about food and the ability to choose what they eat so that they can lead healthy dietary lifestyles. To this end, the Company is promoting food education activities for children. For example, Seven & i Food Systems is helping children to develop correct eating habits from a young age by distributing a booklet for children at Denny's restaurants. The booklet is packed with games, quizzes and other activities, while also containing information about food-related etiquette and knowledge, as well as the importance of food.
At York-Benimaru, the store becomes the classroom in a Supermarket Tour, where children can learn about the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet through a shopping experience and cooking lesson (*held 57 times, with 1,376 participating children). In other initiatives, York-Benimaru employees visit kindergartens and schools for children with special needs to give lessons on request (*13 lessons, 641 participants).

*In the fiscal year ended February 28

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