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Organization and Responsible Persons

Our CSR initiatives are implemented by the CSR Management Committee, which is chaired by the president and chief operating officer (COO) of Seven & i Holdings, Noritoshi Murata, and composed of the people responsible for CSR-related matters, along with three subcommittees ‒ the Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee, the Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices Subcommittee, and the Environment Subcommittee. Working groups are set up within the subcommittees to tackle individual challenges, and initiatives are undertaken throughout the entire Group. The person responsible for fair operating practices is the managing executive officer & chief administration officer (CAO) of Seven & i Holdings, Katsuhiro Goto.

Organization of CSR Management Committee

Organization of CSR Management Committee

Subcommittees Major issues Working groups
Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee
  • Thoroughly ensuring Compliance
  • Creating fulfilling Workplaces
  • Improving work environment
  • Promoting normalization*
  • Promoting diversity
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Strengthen compliance
Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices Subcommittee
  • Improving product quality and ensuring safety
  • Improving quality control
  • Establishing fair business practices
  • Strengthen system for managing fair business practices
  • Responding sincerely to customer opinions
  • Customer service training
  • Supply Chain Risk Avoidance
  • Thorough implementation of Business Partner Action Guidelines
Environment Subcommittee
  • Assessing and reducing environmental impact
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and water use
  • Promoting the 3Rs
    (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)
  • Promote sustainable procurement
  • Forest conservation activities
  • Seven Forest project
  • Raising environmental awareness/sharing information
Environmental education programs for employees

*Normalization: enabling everyone to take part in social activities in a range of areas, irrespective of age or handicap

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