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President and
Representative Director
Ryuichi Isaka

Message from the President

Seven & i Holdings is a globally unrivalled retail service group engaged in a wide range of business categories, including convenience stores, superstores, department stores, specialty stores, banking and Internet business. We have around 60,000 stores in 17 countries and regions worldwide. We view the various ongoing social and lifestyle changes such as the decreasing birthrate and growing aging population as well as the advancement of women’s roles in society as a good opportunity to continuously develop our new retail services in order to answer a broad range of our customers’ needs.
One of our answers is our “Omni-Channel” strategy, which takes advantage of advances in information and communication technology to combine online shopping with real stores and spans all our major operating categories. Advancing construction of this Group-wide Omni-Channel retailing means it is now possible for customers to purchase items unique to the Seven & i Group, ranging from daily food items to special items at any time of the day or night, online or at a Group store. Then the items can be delivered to their homes or customers can pick them up at their closest store.
Furthermore, each of our Group stores is aiming to break away from the uniform national store design to deliver products, services and sales areas that more closely reflect the local area’s needs. With individual stores taking the lead and focusing on fine details from the customer’s standpoint, this will accelerate the self-innovation of each Group company.
In addition to our Group’s shared private brand Seven Premium, we are continuing to promote development of even higher quality products. These products are made with full consideration to the safety and security of our customers. Through our product development, as well as our core businesses, we are creating values that are sought after by society.
Seven & i Holdings will continue to bring together the business infrastructure and knowhow that it has cultivated in every field necessary for retail services, such as sales, product development, and distribution, and further demonstrate Group synergy through the promotion of diversity. As we continue to grow and develop, we will advance toward the maximization of the Group’s corporate value.

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